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Security Smart

Every week we email your staff a bite-sized tip on an IT security awareness topic, based on real-world risk scenarios that they might encounter at work or at home. The email explains how to deal with the situation correctly and then presents a multiple-choice question to test understanding. If the trainee answers the question incorrectly, they will be sent a follow-up email explaining why, and the potential ramifications if the scenario were encountered for real.

The training is ongoing. Because it's all done via email straight into staff's work inbox, and fully accessible on mobile devices, it forms a natural and non-intrusive part of everyone's working day that doesn't require signing into a training portal or learning to use any new system. Trainees receive a different topic each week, and not everyone will receive the same question. This helps to encourage discussion among your staff about all aspects of security awareness.

As a nominated manager of your company's SecuritySmart account, you have access to a comprehensive web-based dashboard. It shows you how many of your staff have signed up, as well as full details about each employee's progress, such as which questions they have been asked, how often they check their training emails and their scores. Plus, we even tell you how your company ranks among others that have signed up to SecuritySmart! (Relative position only - no identifying data is ever revealed). This level of analytics is unique to SecuritySmart.

COMING SOON Simulated Phishing Attacks Included Too

A handful of times a year, in addition to the weekly awareness tips, we'll also send some of your users a simulated phishing email. It might appear to come from a bank, or their IT help desk, or from someone else who appears to know them. Ideally, your staff will recognise from the wording that this is a possible phishing attack and it should simply be ignored. However, if anyone does open the message, or click on the link within it, your management dashboard will provide you with the details of those people. We'll also send those people additional information to help them identify such messages in the future and act accordingly



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