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MWR Info Security

About Us

Established in 2003, MWR is an independent cyber security consultancy with research at the heart of what we do

We provide specialist advice and solutions in all areas of security, from professional and managed services, through to developing commercial and open source security tools. We focus on working with clients to develop and deliver security programs, tailored to meet the needs of each individual organization.

In a rapidly changing technology landscape, innovation is essential and our ambition to push boundaries sets us apart. Evidence of this approach is well documented on our dedicated research and development platform, MWR Labs

Central to MWR's philosophy is the desire to deliver high quality cyber security consulting services and unsurpassed levels of support to our clients. 

We're Different

As a business, we see how things work, or don’t work. We break them down to find out. By understanding how to break things, we can help other people protect what’s valuable to them. MWR’s vision is to help other people’s businesses grow using our unique understanding of cyber security.

A Client Focus

MWR works alongside organizations and their requirements to develop a comprehensive understanding of strategic needs. This approach allows us to provide security solutions that empower our clients, rather than restrict them.

Technical Excellence

We’ll never just fix the symptoms of a security issue, but will take the time to look for the root cause. Our integrity is fundamental to everything we do - we hate hype, abhor buzzwords and place an enormous emphasis on the outcomes our clients receive.

Global Service

With offices in London, Johannesburg, Dubai, New York and Singapore, MWR services clients on a truly global basis. This worldwide reach opens up our diverse talent pool across borders - and can even facilitate round-the-clock service where needed.


We believe that being at the forefront of research drives the high level of service MWR offers. Our ability to invest time into new endeavors keeps our consultants on the leading edge of security and gives us a unique insight into the mind of the attacker.

Our History

  • 2003

It begins... MWR InfoSecurity is founded.

  • 2006

MWR publishes it's first security advisory, an early step in establishing our research-led culture

  • 2006

Our first presentation at DEFCON, the first of many succesful security conference appearances

  • 2008

We officially launch MWR Labs, the home of our leading security research, resources and testing tools

  • 2008

HackFu, our unique themed cyber security experience kicks off, becoming an annual fixture.

  • 2010

MWR secures its first of multiple pwn2own wins, this time finding a major vulnerability in Apple’s Safari browser

  • 2015

Launch of Countercept, a managed attack detection service leveraging the years of cyber security expertise within MWR

  • 2016

Now with 6 offices in 5 countries across the globe, MWR continues to grow, providing industry leading cyber security services and forward thinking research

Our Research

MWR has a dedicated commitment to research, with each of our consultants given 25% of their time to devote to security research. Whether it is used to investigate new software, hardware or protocols, we encourage our team to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Since our inception, MWR’s research has won numerous industry awards, been presented at top-tier security conferences and gained worldwide press coverage. But most important of all, our research goes into supporting the high level of technical expertise available to our clients.

For example, by taking the time to break the latest smartphone, our consultants will have a deeper understanding of the device and therefore the methods a skilled attacker could use to find their way in. Along with the personal development this offers our people, the knowledge gained gives MWR the ability to secure our clients to the highest possible standard.

Our people

Being able to solve complex cyber security problems requires unique skillsets. MWR consultants combine a passion for security with technical excellence and so we actively search for, and employ those that share that ethos. We love hacking things and solving problems at MWR. If this wasn’t our job, we’d be doing it as a hobby.

We are at the forefront of cyber security, so we want people with dedication to ride that wave with us, and to help keep us there!

Ian Shaw, Group Managing Director

In addition to the above, communication is a vital quality for MWR consultants. It is essential to us we can find bugs, breach systems and own networks, but also explain to our clients how it was done in order for the right fixes to be made.

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