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Cranfield University

Cranfield University can offer a truly unique experience with many distinctive features that set us apart from other universities.

Not only do we support an exclusively postgraduate environment, and indeed, are the only UK University with its own Postgraduate Loan Scheme, but Cranfield has a research and development portfolio solely focused on technology and management. This enables us to host a level of deep expertise with a critical mass of researchers in our eight main research themes and to work in an exceptionally multi-disciplinary fashion, ensuring an holistic lens is applied to any challenge or opportunity. It also creates the optimum atmosphere to train and develop the next generation of thought leaders through our exceptional learning programmes.

Our mission, To be an exclusively postgraduate university that is a global leader for education and transformational research in technology and management, has allowed us to develop an unrivalled perspective in understanding the needs of external stakeholders, building strong, valuable partnerships and networks with industry, government and other beneficiaries, and tuning our capabilities to support both basic and applied research.

This translates into our ways of working with others – highly responsive and approachable, conducting and progressing activity at pace, solution oriented, and delivering fit-for-task outcomes. Cranfield has world class facilities, many of which are unique in the UK and at near industrial scale. These include hosting a fully equipped airport and the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (BAe146-aircraft), soil assets such as the Land Information System and World Soil Survey and Catalogue, on-site sewage treat works with its own dedicated pilot-plant hall, an off-road dynamics testing facility, munitions range for energetic materials evaluations, and ballistics test ranges. Such equipment is available for student use and indeed, our relationships with industry are deeply woven into the fabric of our teaching and research activities with lectures, sponsorship for projects, collaborative commercial activity, and networking opportunities.

Cranfield University is also a postgraduate academic provider to the UK’s Ministry of Defence, delivering specialist defence and security practical education and solutions to military, security and civilian personnel.

We are rightly proud of our transformative approach, greatly appreciated by our collaborators and

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