Stephen Wright

National Cyber Skills Centre

By implementing Cyber Essentials organisations are mitigating against common types of cyber-attack including:

Phishing: attacks through emails, attachments and website links
Hacking: exploitation of known vulnerabilities in systems and devices

Competitive advantage

Display the recognised symbol telling your customers and suppliers that you are protecting your business and their data against Cyber-attack to guard your business relationships and the supply chain.

There are numerous standards associated with governance and risk management of cyber security but the government found that many common cyber-attacks were succeeding due to simple technical controls not being managed. This even occurred in companies with governance standards in place. It is a government recommendation that all companies gain certification to Cyber Essentials. Indeed, they have made such certification mandatory for government contracts which deal with sensitive or personal data from 14th October 2014.

The benefits of Cyber Essentials

Basic Cyber Essentials is achieved by answering a set of self-assessment questions, signed off at board level and assessed by an independent auditor.

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