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Infosec Skills

InfoSec Skills is a worldwide information security training and education company, comprising an expert team of highly respected security professionals from across the industry. Our faculty of subject matter experts is instrumental in authoring our highly acclaimed and accredited training courses that meet the needs of today’s information security professional.

Our information security courses are written to the highest quality and standards and our management board is committed to being the best information security education company on the market. Our mantra, “quality courses at affordable prices” underpins everything we deliver, with customers ranging from those just entering the industry to those wishing to advance their careers to the most senior levels.

Whatever stage you are in your career, InfoSec Skills is there to help you, your team or your company, locally or worldwide.

Courses start at foundation level in Information Security Management supporting professional placement, internship programmes and existing IT professionals, such as network administrators or software developers, who wish to move into the Information Security profession.

For existing security professionals, InfoSec Skills has a range of practitioner-level courses that support career development or cross-skilling, allowing them to move into practitioner, senior practitioner and lead practitioner roles.

InfoSec Skills is committed to helping students with their personal professional development requirements, tailoring an education programme of professional certificates that allow the advancement of careers as quickly as possible, such as moving from 'Senior Security Architect' to 'Lead Security Architect' or from 'Risk Management Practitioner' to 'Senior Risk Management Practitioner'.

By aligning our Faculty’s development programme with in-demand job roles (as well as future changes in the industry) in both the public and private sectors, InfoSec Skills fills the training gaps left by other training providers, providing training and career path development concurrently. Courses are aligned to the IISP’s (Institute of Information Security Professionals) skills framework that defines the competencies, knowledge and skills required for specialist Information Security job roles, so it’s easy for students to immediately realise the value in terms of their career development. We also offer 0% Financing to help spread the cost of your continuing professional development.

For companies wishing to professionalise their existing teams through training, certification and career path alignment, InfoSec Skills courses and professional certificates will be of particular interest. Our management works closely with our corporate customers to develop specialist learning and development programmes for the enterprise and, where needed, we design custom courses to fill those training gaps. This is accomplished using the best practices in Rapid Instructional Design. Management reports are available online anytime so you, as a line manager, can check on the attendance and grades of your group.

Our continuous investment in our professional curriculum, with new courses under continual development, coupled with an ever-expanding faculty and rapidly growing member community of IA professionals, demonstrates our commitment to the industry, providing a positive, tangible effort in the fight against cybercrime.

Delivery options: Each InfoSec Skills course is available online (e-Learning), as a private (onsite) or as a public (open) class.

Quality Policy

We are a group of Information Security professionals that have assembled a 'Super Faculty' of Subject Matter Experts to produce courses of the highest quality and to the highest standards. We are passionate about providing high quality courses at affordable prices and are committed to helping people not only enter the industry, but also advance throughout their careers.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and to our clients to ensure that our courses are the best they can be, and to that end we ask every single person to evaluate the course overall, the value of the course content, and our instructors teaching skills every time the course is delivered on-site or on-line. The feedback and data that we collect allows us to gauge the quality and value of our courses and will inform us in where changes need to be made to improve course quality.


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