Identity Management Institute (IMI)®

Identity Management Institute (IMI)® is the first and leading global certification organization dedicated to identity governance, risk management, and compliance. IMI was founded in 2007 to help redefine identity management in order to address all identity risks, and support the professionals in the field to effectively collaborate and manage the identity risks facing their employees, customers, and organizations. As such, IMI has created training and certification programs, an active online community with some of the largest discussion groups comprised of thousands of global experts, as well as a leading identity management blog on the Internet.

Identity Management Institute is a pioneer and forward thinking organization in identity governance and access management which was founded in 2007 by Henry Bagdasarian, a leading expert in technology risk management, audit, and security who recognized the growing IAM risks as companies moved their infrastructure, platforms, and data to the cloud, allowed BYOD, and subscribed to various SaaS applications. While this trend reduced the security threats posed by traditional corporate networks, it introduced new risks as companies embraced distributed systems and dispersed users. The IAM sector became even more important in the cybersecurity industry as users and their passwords were recognized as the root cause of many data breach cases, the number of system APIs increased, IoT devices became mainstream, and finally the global Corona virus pandemic changed the remote workforce landscape forcing the majority of employees to work remotely across the world.

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