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Infosec Cloud

Fully Managed Security Awareness Training & Testing Service

Our guaranteed, web-based cyber security awareness training combined with frequent simulated phishing attacks, makes sure employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, website security, pop ups, adverts, malware, ransomware, social engineering and physical security.

This is a full managed service which requires virtually nothing from you or your team – all you have to do once you have placed the order is provide us a list of your users email addresses.

We create all the content, simulated attacks and track the results – all of which are reported on back to you.

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Stops Security Incidents

As well as delivering the compliance and certification “tick in the box” the Infosec Cloud Managed Security Awareness Training service will actually go the furthest to stopping security incidents within your company.

*  Our phishing emails are customised to your individual company.
*  The end user training is the best available.

And, most importantly the regular tests we run actually bring about a culture change that makes all staff vigilant against modern cyber threats. This in turn stops them causing security incidents.

Key Features

* Phishing Security Tests, unlimited and on-demand
* Expert-led Training Videos on Security Awareness
* Professionally customised emails targeted at individuals and teams
* Scheduled and Random Cyber Attack Emails to End Users
* Individual End User Training and Testing Reports
* Targeted Remedial Training as needed
* Cyber Security Hints & Tips
* In-depth Reports/Statistics
* Full Management Reporting
* Optional End User Security Awareness Multiple Choice Quiz
* 60 day money back Guarantee

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