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Access management is one of the information security disciplines which interacts with users and their management the most and is critical to the implementation of policies and procedures to support the security goals of the organization, mitigate access risks, maintain access controls, and comply with contractual and legal requirements.

Identity Management Institute (IMI)® developed the Certified Access Management Specialist (CAMS)® training program for testing, analysis, and evaluation of the knowledge, skills and abilities of professionals for the purpose of certification and re-certification in the field of access management. CAMS® is a registered trademark of IMI.

Professionals who are engaged in any of the following activities either directly or in a support role will greatly benefit by becoming a Certified Access Management Specialist as they will improve their skills and increase their credibility:

-Receiving and verifying access requests,
-Reviewing access right approvals,
-Granting, correcting and removing access rights,
-Monitoring access activities,
-Auditing access control matrix and related system reports,
-Following up on suspicious activities, and
-Investigating and resolving access incidents.

The CAMS certification course covers:

-Security Objectives
-Access Controls
-Rights Management
-Access Control Matrix
-Logging and Monitoring
-Event Management


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