SEC401J: SANS Secure Japan 2022

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What You Will Learn

This course will show you the most effective steps to prevent attacks and detect adversaries with actionable techniques that can be used as soon as you get back to work. You'll learn tips and tricks designed to help you win the battle against the wide range of cyber adversaries that want to harm your environment.

Is SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style the right course for you?

STOP and ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you fully understand why some organizations become compromised and others do not?
  • If there were compromised systems on your network, are you confident that you would be able to find them?
  • Do you know the effectiveness of each security device and are you certain that they are all configured correctly?
  • Are proper security metrics set up and communicated to your executives to drive security decisions?
SEC401 provides you with the information security knowledge needed to help you answer these questions for your environment, delivered in a bootcamp-style format reinforced with hands-on labs.

You will learn:

To develop effective security metrics that provide a focused playbook that the IT department can implement, auditors can validate, and executives can understand

To analyze the risk to your environment in order to drive the creation of a security roadmap that focuses on the right areas of security

Practical tips and tricks that focus on addressing high-priority security problems within your organization and doing the right things that lead to security solutions that work

Why some organizations win and why some lose when it comes to security and, most importantly, how to be on the winning side

The core areas of security and how to create a security program that is built on a foundation of Detection, Response, and Prevention


SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style is focused on providing you the essential information security skills and techniques you need to protect and secure your organization's critical information and technology assets. SEC401 will show you how to apply the knowledge you gain, forming it into a winning defensive strategy in the terms of the modern adversary. This is how we fight; this is how we win!


With the rise in advanced persistent threats, it is inevitable that organizations will be targeted. Defending against attacks is an ongoing challenge, with new threats emerging all the time, including the next generation of threats. In order to be successful in defending an environment, organizations need to understand what really works in cybersecurity. What has worked ... and will always work ... is taking a risk-based approach to cyber defense. Before your organization spends a dollar of its IT budget or allocates any resources or time to anything in the name of cybersecurity, three questions must be answered:

What is the risk?

Is it the highest priority risk?

What is the most cost-effective way to reduce the risk?

All in all, however, organizations are going to be targeted AND broken into. Today, more than ever before, TIMELY detection and TIMELY response is critical. Once an adversary is inside the environment, damage will occur. In the near future, the key question in information security will become, "How quickly can we detect, respond, and remediate an adversary?" As counterintuitive as it may seem, it needs to be stated that you CANNOT secure what you don't know you have. Security is all about making sure you focus on the right areas of defense (especially as applied to the uniqueness of YOUR organization). In SEC401 you will learn the language and underlying workings of computer and information security, and how best to apply it to your unique needs. You will gain the essential and effective security knowledge you will need if you are given the responsibility to secure systems and/or organizations. This course meets both of the key promises SANS makes to our students: (1) You will learn up-to-the-minute skills that you can put into practice immediately upon returning to work; and (2) You will be taught by the best security professionals in the industry.


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