SEC541: SANS Stay Sharp: Nov 2021

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What You Will Learn

Attackers Can Run But Not Hide. Our Radar Sees All Threats.

Cloud infrastructure provides organizations with new and exciting services to better meet the demands of their customers. However, these services bring with them new challenges, particularly for organizations struggling to make sense of the cloud native logs, keeping ahead of fast-moving development teams, and trying to learn about how threats are adapting to cloud services. Securely operating cloud infrastructure requires new tools and approaches.

SEC541 starts by walking through a real world attack campaign against a cloud infrastructure. We will break down how it happened, what made it successful, and what could have been done to catch the attackers in the act. We spend the first section of the course dissecting the attacks, learning how to leverage cloud native and cloud integrated capabilities to detect, hunt, or investigate similar attacks in a real environment, and building our arsenal of analytics, detections and best practices for you to bring back to work as soon as the course is over.

SEC541: Cloud Monitoring and Threat Detection Will Prepare You To:
  • Research attacks and threats to cloud infrastructure and how they could affect you
  • Break down a threat into detectable components
  • Effectively use AWS and Azure core logging services to detect suspicious behaviors
  • Make use of cloud native API logging as the newest defense mechanism in cloud services
  • Move beyond the cloud-provided Graphic User Interfaces to perform complex analysis
  • Perform network analysis with cloud-provided network logging
  • Understand how application logs can be collected and analyzed inside the cloud environment
  • Learn about the AWS and Azure security specific services such as AWS Security Hub, Azure Security Center, and AWS GuardDuty
  • Integrate container, operating system, and deployed application logging into cloud logging services for more cohesive analysis
  • Centralize log data from across your enterprise for better analysis
  • Perform inventory of cloud resources and sensitive data using scripts and cloud native tooling

This course formerly had only one course section. Two additional course sections have been added that focus on AWS and Azure, with additional labs added as well. All labs will be conducted in the students' AWS accounts.


The labs in this course are hands-on explorations into AWS logging and monitoring services. Each lab will start by researching a particular threat and the data needed to detect it. Then students will conduct the attack against their accounts, generating the logs and data needed to perform analysis. Then the student will use native AWS services and open-source products to extract, transform, and analyze the threat. The course lecture coupled with the labs will give students a full picture of how those services within AWS work, the data they produce, and common ways to analyze the data.

  • Printed and Electronic courseware
  • Online Resources
  • MP3 of the course
  • Cloud Security Monitoring and Threat Hunting in AWS
  • Threat Hunting Through Log Analysis in AWS

Depending on your current job role or future plans, any of the following SANS courses could be an excellent follow-on to SEC541:
  • SEC588: Cloud Penetration Testing Course
  • FOR509: Enterprise Cloud Forensics and Incident Response
  • SEC557: Continuous Automation for Enterprise and Cloud Security


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