SEC537: SANS Stay Sharp Winter 2022

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What You Will Learn

SEC537 is a two-day course on open-source intelligence (OSINT) for those who already know the foundations of OSINT. The goal is to provide students with more in-depth and technical OSINT knowledge. The course teaches effective methods and techniques for the identification of sensitive groups, image and video verification, browser operations security (OPSEC), and network traffic analysis and Python for OSINT purposes. You will learn OSINT skills and techniques that law enforcement, private investigators, journalists, penetration testers, and network defenders use in order to keep a low profile while scouring the Internet. You will also learn how to analyze groups to make a more in-depth OSINT analysis. As the Internet is becoming more and more of a multimedia platform, you will learn how to fact-check and verify images and video footage.

On the first course day you will learn practical OSINT analysis by completing eight hands-on labs about browser OPSEC, searching sensitive groups, image and video verification, and network traffic analysis for OSINT. On day two we'll move on to eight new labs on Python coding that cover Python fundamentals, requesting and parsing JSON, making web calls, making DNS requests, and extracting EXIF data.

What You Will Receive With This Course
  • Physical and digital workbooks
  • Virtual Machine tailored to the course
This Course Will Prepare You To
  • Take a deeper dive into finding, collecting, and analyzing information found on the Internet
  • Debug, understand, alter, and create your own OSINT-focused Python scripts
Hands-On Labs

The hands-on labs will teach you how to become more adept at finding, collecting, and analyzing OSINT information. The labs draw on practical, real-world examples. Each lab has step-by-step instructions that enable you to learn new OSINT skills or become even more knowledgeable and skilled with the OSINT techniques and procedures you already know.


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24 Jan 2022 Virtual Book now

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