About the course

How to arm your organisation against increasing e-Security Risks?

The more our business depends on the Internet, the more we need to protect it against hackers, terrorists, organised crime and foreign intelligence. During the highly topical distance learning course e-Security, consisting of nine lessons, the authors will look at how systems are typically penetrated, what steps can be taken to handle such incidents, and how to win the fight against theft, fraud and espionage. Seize this unique opportunity to create and implement a best-practice e-security policy, and register today!

Target group

If you manage an e-business or the IT infrastructure resources that support one, this is the course for you. The course will also help your technical staff who are trying to get to grips with the business impact of security; in the same way, it will also help your non-technical security specialists interpret any messages they get from infrastructure specialists.


LESSON I Why e-Security is necessary

LESSON II Security Architecture

LESSON III Firewalls

LESSON IV Securing Websites (inbound access)

LESSON V Secure Internet Use (outbound access)

LESSON VI Identification, authentication, authorisation and encryption techniques

LESSON VII Security Management

LESSON VIII Legal Issues

LESSON IX Dealing with Hackerse-Security

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