Internal cyber risk management

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About the course

Minimise the insider threat!

This workshop tackles internal cyber threats to your organisation.This serious issue is often overlooked despite the fact that:

·      Employees are involved in as many as 75% of cyber breaches, actively losing data or facilitating theft by an outsider (IBM)

·      Employees are directly responsible for actively taking data in 43% of data breaches (Intel Security)

·      Two thirds of data security professionals say that employees are “the weakest link” in the security chain while only 35% believe senior management provide enough training (Experian)

Join this one-day workshop on 9th May or 10th October in London, designed to help you fight the cyber risks from your employees and strengthen your organisation’s cyber security culture.

Let Phil Cracknell, Founder of ClubCISO, and Jeremy Swinfen Green, award winning author, help you to:

·      Understand why your employees behave riskily

·      Strengthen your organisation’s cyber security culture

·      Design effective training and awareness programmes

·      Ensure employees have an input to your security strategies

·      Update your security policies

  • Measure and benchmark your programmes

The workshop is highly practical, with delegates developing plans for their own organisation and taking away a series of checklists for plan development as well as for cultural change. We will also develop template documents, such as a cyber security user policy which delegates can use in their work.

This is a must attend event if you:

·      Don’t have strict and comprehensive policies in place

·      Don’t have a strong cyber security culture in place

·      Don’t have a cyber security awareness programme in place

  • Are worried about threats from employees – but uncertain what to do about them

Who should attend?

Information security, information technology, human resources and senior management professionals

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