Cyber security breach response

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About the course

In this full-day and highly interactive workshop you will explore all of the elements that should make up your response to a cyber breach – triage, mobilising the response team, investigating the cause, containing the damage and - most importantly - communicating internally and externally.

You will learn how to prepare for these different stages and how, with the right planning, a cyber breach can turn from being a disaster to an opportunity for stronger customer engagement.

You will discover how to create realistic breach scenarios and rehearse the decisions you will need to make in order to respond to a breach. And once you have created your draft plan you will practise using it in a dry-run cyber breach simulation.

Key sections of the workshop are:

1.    Preparation

2.    Risk management overview

3.    Scenario planning and the Incident Response Team

4.    Breach response workflow

5.    Building a breach response plan

  • Simulation of a breach

Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is aimed at anyone who has an interest in organisational cyber security.

Senior management will profit from an appreciation of the complexity of an effective cyber breach response, the role of senior management in damage limitation and why and how things can go wrong.

IT and information security professionals will find it useful as a way of understanding the need to reach out to other parts of an organisation – including marketing, HR and legal – during a cyber breach.

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