CISA (Certified Information System Auditor)

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About the course

Course Content
• Overview
• The IS Audit Process
• Risk Analysis and Risk Management
• ISACA Code of Conduct
• Performing an Audit
• IT Governance
• ISS and The Role of Policies and Procedures
• Risk Management
• Information Systems Management Practices
• Organizational Structure and Responsibility
• Project Management
• Systems and Infrastructure
• Business Application Development
• Application Controls
• Business Tools
• IT Service Delivery and Support
• Information Systems Operations,
• Hardware and Software
• Enterprise Network Architectures
• Network Infrastructure
• IP Addressing
• Protection of Information Assets
• Access, Exposures, and Security
• Auditing the Physical Framework
• Crypt MD5 Demo
• Password Restrictions
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
• Recovery Strategies
• MinuteMan
• IP Subnet Calculator
• MD5sum


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