Cyber Incident Planning & Response

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Can your business swiftly discover and then recover from a cyber attack?

Most companies are unable to discover cyber criminals for an average of 200 days!  Organisations may have business continuity plans in place but many fall short after they discover they have been attacked by cyber criminals and their confidential and sensitive data has been breached.

Cyber Management Alliance’s CIPR or Cyber Incident Planning and Response is a jargon free non-technical workshop that teaches you how to plan and respond to a cyber attack. A two day intensive and interactive program this course is tailored for the mid to senior level executives and is ideal for:

  • Business Executives
  • Middle to senior managers
  • Auditors
  • IT Managers/Directors
  • other non-technical individuals who may have to plan and respond to a cyber attack

As with any Cyber Security training course it is imperative the course is delivered by a practitioner who can share their experience and knowledge with the delegates and continue to offer advice and mentorship. One of the UK’s most renowned Cyber Security thought leaders and Global CISO, Amar Singh will be personally delivering this two day course.

Delegates will learn:

– The latest techniques and insight on incident response.

– How to create an effective incident response plan that works from day 1.

– Defining and baselining cyber attack scenarios that affect your company – no technical knowledge required

– Threat Intelligence led testing and response framework adopted by leading governments and institutions.

– How real hackers use pre-attack research, reconnaissance and target selection to attack and destroy businesses and how you can use that knowledge to strengthen your defences.

– Planning and Preparation of Attack Components.

– The business impacts of cyber breaches and real-world cyber attacks.

– Infiltration and Post-Infiltration Entrenchment.

– SIEM, Analytics & Entity based anamoly detection and how to use it for effective response.

– Real world media & PR skills and how to deal with media interviews and queries.

“Senior management need to step-up and take their cyber responsibilities seriously. One aspect of that is the ability for managers and business leaders to understand all the nuances of what to do before, during and after a cyber attack. The Cyber Incident Planning and Response (CIPR) training program, run by Cyber Management Alliance, ranks amongst the best workshops I have attended.  Amar Singh, the course creator and trainer, brings a wealth of personal experience and knowledge and with this insight I am now going to create and optimise a bespoke cyber resiliency plan for my organisation”

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