Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials (CSPE)

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About the course

The Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials (CSPE) course will both broaden and deepen your understanding of Cyber Security. With attacks becoming more common and the complexity ever increasing, security awareness at all levels within an organisation is key. Cyber security has moved beyond being just an IT issue and now involves everyone.

The CSPE course has also been given GCHQ approval through the CESG accreditation.

A critical line of defence within any organisation is collective cyber security awareness.

The CSPE course gives your team the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who operate at the sharp end of Cyber Security. The course is reviewed on a regular basis and delivers training and support on the very latest Cyber Security Threats.

It is recommended that all members of an organisation attend this course, but as a minimum it should be mandatory for senior leaders. The CSPE course allows participants to speak with real world knowledge and with confidence about cyber security and drive information and good behaviours throughout the organisation.  This course is supported by a shorter version for those not attending so no member of the team should miss out.

Topics covered include:
  • Information Governance
  • Controls & Risk
  • Methodologies & Motivations
  • Policies & Standards
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Legal, Data Privacy & Regulations
  • The Cloud
  • Application Security
  • Top Current Ten Threats
  • Safe & Secure
Participants will understand:
  • The business impacts of cyber breached and real-world cyber attacks.
  • How to reduce business risk exposure and actually reduce costs while increasing overall security posture.
  • Generate money and business opportunities from good information security practices.
  • In business terms, how hackers choose and attack their targets.
  • Protection, Defence and Response and what areas you need to focus on.
  • What are the Top 10 Current Cyber threats.
  • Why Apps are the threat to your business.
  • The real threat in your organisation and how you can address it.

The course can be delivered in house if required.

In addition there is an executive version that expands on strategy, governance and legal obligations.

Watch this short video about the course created by Cyber Management Alliance for the NCSC

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