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What You Will Learn
Beyond the Basics: Advanced OSINT Techniques

SANS SEC587 is an advanced Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) course for those who already know the foundations of OSINT. The goal is to provide students with more in-depth and technical OSINT knowledge. Students will learn OSINT skills and techniques that law enforcement, intelligence analysts, private investigators, journalists, penetration testers and network defenders use in their investigations.

Open-source intelligence collection and analysis techniques are increasingly useful in a world where more and more information is added to the internet every day. With billions of internet users sharing information on themselves, their organizations, and people and events they have knowledge of, the internet is a resource-rich environment for intelligence collection. SEC587 is designed to teach you how to efficiently utilize this wealth of information for your own investigations.

SEC587 will take your OSINT collection and analysis abilities to the next level, whether you are involved in intelligence analysis, criminal and fraud investigations, or just curious about how to find out more about anything! SEC587 is replete with hands-on exercises, real-world scenarios, and interaction with live internet and dark web data sources.

This course is also blended with all the fundamentals an OSINT analyst will need to learn and understand and apply basic coding in languages such as Python, JSON, and shell utilities as well as interacting with APIs for automating your OSINT processes.

"The course manages to provide both breadth and depth, with practical hands-on practices and tools students can implement right away." - Patrick Muprhy, Palo Alto Networks
What Is Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Automation?

Open-source intelligence automation leverages advanced software tools and algorithms to expedite the collection, analysis, and interpretation of publicly accessible data. By automating the processing of vast amounts of information from sources like social media, news outlets, and databases, it enhances the speed, accuracy, and scalability of intelligence gathering. This technology is crucial for real-time decision-making in fields such as cybersecurity, market analysis, and national security.
Business Takeaways
  • Enhance decision-making with actionable insights from public data
  • Proactively identify risks using advanced OSINT techniques
  • Increase efficiency through automated intelligence gathering
  • Stay ahead competitively by monitoring industry and market trends
  • Ensure compliance in legal and ethical intelligence collection.
Skills Learned
  • Gather and analyze public data to generate actionable intelligence with advanced OSINT tools and techniques
  • Utilize automated systems to streamline the OSINT process, increasing efficiency and accuracy in intelligence gathering
  • Identify and mitigate security threats by understanding and applying OSINT to predict and prevent potential vulnerabilities
  • Navigate legal and ethical considerations in intelligence gathering to ensure compliance with applicable laws and standards
  • Apply OSINT for competitive advantage by monitoring and analyzing market and industry trends to inform business strategy
  • Enhance decision-making processes with real-time, data-driven insights from a variety of open and publicly accessible sources
  • Implement technological solutions to effectively manage and analyze large datasets from disparate sources, fostering more informed business decisions.
Hands-On Advanced OSINT Training

SEC587: Advanced Open-Source Intelligence Techniques offers an immersive experience through practical labs and real-world scenarios, allowing students to master intelligence gathering using publicly available data. This course emphasizes hands-on practice with real-world tools and data, providing guided labs for beginners and more challenging tasks for advanced users, enabling tailored learning at any skill level. Participants will tackle a variety of case studies and simulations that mirror the complex challenges faced by professionals in corporate, security, and governmental fields. The curriculum is designed not only to build a solid foundation in OSINT methodologies but also to instill the ability to ethically and legally apply these skills in professional settings. Students will leave with continued access to course materials and tools, empowering them to further refine their abilities after taking the course.

Hands-on labs include:
  • Section 1: Analyzing the Macron video, Checking Disinformation, Unique Identifying Labels, Pivot using UILs
  • Section 2: Python
  • Section 3: Reverse Image search for Context, Image Verification, Video Verification, Advanced Enumeration
  • Section 4: Network OPSEC Analysis, dark Web De-Anonymization, Dark Web Search, Tracking Ransomware Funds
  • Section 5: SearxNG, Dealing with Password Protected Files, WebDataRA and Gephi Analysis, Aviation OSINT, Maritime OSINT, Secrets
  • Bonus Labs: Network OPSEC Analysis with Wireshark, OSINT Data Analysis with Shell Utilities, Processing JSON Data, Working with Web APIs, Motor Vehicle OSINT, Introduction to Python, Python Code Analysis, Installing the Snapchat Story Downloader, Python Web Calls, Python Data Analysis
"All the labs really reinforce the lessons." - Patrick Murphy, Palo Alto Networks

"The labs were very helpful in solidifying the content and gettings hands-on experience." - Cynthia Brewer, Booz Allen Hamilton
Syllabus Summary
  • Section 1: Disinformation and Coding for OSINT Efficiency
  • Section 2: Intelligence Analysis and Data Analysis with Python
  • Section 3: Sensitive Group Investigations, Video and Image Verification, and Artificial Intelligence for OSINT
  • Section 4: Sock Puppets, OPSEC, Dark Web and Cryptocurrency
  • Section 5: Automated Monitoring, Vehicle Tracking, and Dealing with Password-Protected Files
  • Section 6: Capstone
What You Will Receive

Physical and digital workbooks and a course specific Virtual Machine (VM) tailored for this Advanced Open Source Intelligence Gathering and Analysis course


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