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Cybersecurity training built for the Enterprise
  • Unlimited upskilling: Unlimited access to a comprehensive cybersecurity content library for team exploration and specialization.
  • Adapting to threats: Regularly updated content to address emerging cybersecurity threats, including rapid inclusion of new threats.
  • Scalable learning: A flexible platform that caters to various skill levels and specializations within your organization.
  • Risk mitigation: Boost your team;s cybersecurity capabilities to safeguard against threats and reduce organizational risks
Continuous cybersecurity skill development with Learn Enterprise
  • Exclusive library access: Unrestricted access to OffSec's vast library for a depth of cybersecurity knowledge
  • Ongoing skill updates: Monthly updates to keep your team's cybersecurity knowledge current
  • Flexible hands-on training: Year-long lab access to balance learning with professional duties
  • Enterprise Cyber Range: Realistic, in-depth labs that simulate enterprise environments, enhancing skills with offensive vs. defensive tournaments


Enterprise Cyber Range: a platform for practical skill enhancement

Explore threats safely
  • Understand and navigate real-world attack vectors in a secure, controlled environment, staying abreast of evolving cyber threats.
Enhance baseline capabilities and responses
  • Utilize virtual labs for safe cybersecurity fire drills , improving team response and communication during actual cyber incidents.
Strategize learning development
  • Use leaderboards and side-by-side competitions to identify skill gaps and strengths to inform and enhance your organization;s ongoing cybersecurity learning initiatives.
Set up tournaments
  • Foster better skill development by building tournaments where offensive and defensive teams engage in real-world simulations.
What s included in a Learn Enterprise plan
  • Entire OffSec Learning Library content, learning paths, courses and labs
  • Access for every license holder to their own Cyber Range
  • Admin panel with real-time usage and analytics reporting
  • Bonus certification exams
  • Reassignable licenses throughout subscription term
  • Supports Okta SSO
  • SOC II Type 2 compliant
MITRE ATT&CK framework training

Aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, OffSec training, and content cover nearly 70% of the skills required to match the attack framework. Training for 12 tactics including: Reconnaissance | Resource Development | Initial Access | Execution | Persistence | Privilege Escalation | Defense Evasion | Credential Access | Discovery | 
Lateral Movement | Collection | Command & Control

Our robust Learning Library includes:

6,800 Hours of written content

1,800 Videos

4,200 Labs

130 Skills

440 Modules

10 Job roles

Engage, learn, and apply with Learn Enterprise

Engage with a wide array of cybersecurity topics, ensuring your team can delve into areas that are most relevant and beneficial to them.

Learn specialized cybersecurity skills from courses and content developed by top-tier experts

Apply your team;s skills in real-world scenarios through practical hands-on labs and the Enterprise Cyber Range

OffSec Learning Library unmatched depth and breadth

The OLL helps learners build indispensable skills by offering a comprehensive variety of role-specific content, from entry-level to advanced.


What's included
  • Exam included
  • Online exam voucher


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