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This EC-Council training e-learning course, which includes the exam voucher, will prepare you for the Certified Cybersecurity Technician certification (C|CT). It is an entry-level cybersecurity program created by EC-Council, the creator of the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) certification, to address the global demand for a qualified cybersecurity workforce.

EC-Council developed the C|CT to provide individuals starting their careers in IT and cybersecurity with a certification that validates their hands-on technical skills.To equip individuals with the skills they need to pursue and develop their careers as cybersecurity specialists, consultants, network engineers, IT administrators, and more.

EC-Council;s C|CT certification immerses students in well-constructed knowledge transfer. Training is accompanied by critical thinking challenges and immersive lab experiences that allow candidates to apply their knowledge and move into the skill development phase in the class itself. Upon completing the program, C|CT-certified professionals will have a strong foundation in cybersecurity principles and techniques as well as hands-on exposure to the tasks required in real-world jobs.



No Prerequisites

The C|CT is ideal for anyone looking to start their career in cybersecurity or add a strong foundational understanding of the cybersecurity concepts and techniques required to be effective on the job.

The course is especially well suited to:
  • Early-career IT professionals, IT managers, career changers, and career advancers
  • Students and recent graduates

  • Key concepts in cybersecurity, including information security and network security
  • Information security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks
  • The different types of malware
  • Identification, authentication, and authorization
  • Network security controls
  • Administrative controls (frameworks, laws, acts, governance and compliance programs, security policies)
  • Physical controls (physical and workplace security policies, environmental controls
  • Technical controls (network security protocols; network segmentation; firewalls; intrusion detection and prevention systems; honeypots; proxy servers; VPNs; user behavior analytics; network access control; unified threat management; security information and event management; security orchestration, automation, and response; load baancers; anti-malware
  • Network security assessment techniques and tools (threat hunting, threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment, ethical hacking, penetration testing, configuration and asset management)
  • Application security design and testing techniques
  • Fundamentals of virtualization, cloud computing, and cloud security
  • Wireless network fundamentals, wireless encryption, and related security measures
  • Fundamentals of mobile, IoT, and OT devices and related security measures
  • Cryptography and public-key infrastructure
  • Data security controls, data backup and retention methods, and data loss prevention techniques
  • Network troubleshooting, traffic and log monitoring, and analysis of suspicious traffic
  • The incident handling and response process
  • Computer forensics and digital evidence fundamentals, including the phases of a forensic investigation
  • Concepts in business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Risk management concepts, phases, and frameworks


The C|CT certification prepares IT and cybersecurity professionals to handle a wide range of complex issues related to securing software, networks, and IT systems against common cyberthreats and attacks.

The C|CT offers a multifaceted approach that incorporates network defense, ethical hacking, and security operations to ensure that certification holders have a strong, well-rounded background that enables them to configure, analyze, and identify problems within an organization.

The C|CT course equips participants with the skills required for the following roles:
  • IT networking specialist
  • Cybersecurity technician
  • Network administrator
  • Security operations center (SOC) analyst
  • Network engineer
  • IT manager
Module 01: Information Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

Module 02: Information Security Attacks

Module 03: Network Security Fundamentals

Module 04: Identification, Authentication, and Authorization

Module 05: Network Security Controls - Administrative Controls

Module 06: Network Security Controls - Physical Controls

Module 07: Network Security Controls - Technical Controls

Module 08: Network Security Assessment Techniques and Tools

Module 09: Application Security

Module 10: Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Module 11: Wireless Network Security

Module 12: Mobile Device Security

Module 13: IoT and OT Security

Module 14: Cryptography

Module 15: Data Security

Module 16: Network Troubleshooting

Module 17: Network Traffic Monitoring

Module 18: Network Logs Monitoring and Analysis

Module 19: Incident Response

Module 20: Computer Forensics

Module 21: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Module 22: Risk Management


Exam Title: Certified Cybersecurity Technician

Exam Code: 212-82

Number of Questions: 60

Duration: 3 hours

Exam Availability Locations: ECC Exam Portal

Languages: English

Test Format: Multiple Choice and Real Life hands-on Practical Exam

Passing Score: 70%

Exam Mode: Remote Proctoring Services


What's included
  • Exam included
  • Online exam voucher


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