E-Learning: Wellbeing and Personal Resilience for Cyber Security Professionals

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E-Learning: Wellbeing and Personal Resilience for Cyber Security Professionals

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C yber professionals face ever-changing external demands and pressures, for example, navigating the unknown; addressing 24/7 threats requiring continuous monitoring; mitigating the huge volume of evolving threats and vulnerabilities; managing, containing and recovering from attacks or breaches; and dealing with legal action. R esearch indicates that 66% of Cyber professionals have experienced extreme stress or burnout (Entrepreneur), and this issue is compounded by the fact that the Cyber Security sector already faces a global shortage of skilled professionals. This 45-minute interactive e-Learning training course has been consciously developed for Senior Cyber Security professionals. It aims to help effectively manage the personal Cyber resilience of yourself and your team, thereby enhancing organisational effectiveness and duty of care. The course provides awareness and recognition tools to identify warning signs, promotes good practices to support well-being, and offers strategies to improve personal Cyber resilience, ultimately fostering a healthier, more positive, and more effective working environment.

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