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What You Will Learn

Ground School for Cloud Security

The purpose of SEC388 is to learn the fundamentals of cloud computing and security. We do this by introducing, and eventually immersing, you in both AWS and Azure; by doing so, we are able to expose you to important concepts, services, and the intricacies of each vendor's platform. This course provides you with the knowledge you need to confidently speak to modern cybersecurity security issues brought on by the cloud, and become well versed with applicable terminology. You won't just learn about cloud security, you will learn the "how" and the "what" behind the critical cloud security topics impacting businesses today.

"The mixture of introductory concepts and security-specific concerns was just right. I walked away from the course with a better understanding of public cloud environments and how they can be leveraged to meet business goals, and valuable hands-on experience working within the cloud provider's tools to deploy example servers and applications with an eye toward doing it all securely." - Flint Gatrell
Business Takeaways:

This course will help your organization:
  • Develop professionals - technical or managerial - that know how to use AWS and Azure services
  • Anticipate what cloud security threats are applicable to your business
  • Learn how to mitigate threats
  • Create a culture where security empowers the business to succeed
Skills Learned:
  • Make sense of different cloud-based services
  • Understand and analyze risk in the cloud
  • Interact with Azure and AWS environments using a browser and command line tools
  • Change behavior and build a security-aware culture
  • Deploy and integrate cloud services in AWS and Azure
  • Get up to speed quickly on cloud security issues and terminology
  • Detect and effectively respond to a simulated cloud breach
  • Speak the same language as technical security professionals
  • Learn how to automate common tasks using cloud shells
  • Defend cloud services from attacks
  • Track, audit and manage budgeting in your cloud environments
Hands-On Training:

All labs in SEC388 are focused on Azure and AWS and involve directly interacting with each cloud service provider. Students will use a browser to access each cloud environment to gain familiarity with cloud computing concepts. During labs, students will implement cloud services, deploy a cloud-based website, and perform essential security tasks in order to become accustomed to cloud computing and cloud security. The total time committed to labs is about 37% of the course.
  • Section 1: Cloud Account Creation/Finalization, Cloud Interfaces, Introduction to the Command Line, Billing and Cost Calculation
  • Section 2: VM Deployment, Secure Storage Implementation, Website Integration, Alert Generation
  • Section 3: Cloud Incident Response, Vulnerability Identification & Remediation, Cloud Security Tools, Attacking the Cloud
"The labs overall are great, they tie directly to the module content and build on the previous modules/labs." - Mike Larson, eFirstBank

"Serge makes the journey easier with his explanations after the labs. This is very crucial for me as a career changer with limited IT background. Kudos!" - Kayode Olabisi

Syllabus Summary:
  • Section 1: Introducing cloud terminology, computing and security topics
  • Section 2: Deploying and implementing common cloud services
  • Section 3: Identifying cloud threats and implementing applicable solutions
Additional Free Resources:
  • SSH for AWS, demo
  • SSH for Azure, demo
  • SSH for Putty, demo
  • Quick Wins in Cloud Security, infographic
  • Cloud Security for Beginners, webcast series
  • Part 1: Starting off in the Cloud
  • Part 2: Working in the Cloud
  • Part 3: Defending the Cloud
  • Azure's Front Door, blog
  • Azure's Front Door, Tech Tuesday workshop
  • Cloud Ace, Podcast
  • Cloud Ace Journey Learning Paths
What You Will Receive:
  • Electronic courseware containing the entire course content
  • Printed course books
  • Access to repeatable interactive hands-on labs
  • MP3 audio files of the complete course lecture
  • Access to Slack Cloud Security Alumni channel
What Comes Next:

Technical Cloud Practitioners:
  • SEC488: Cloud Security Essentials
  • SEC510: Public Cloud Security: AWS, Azure, and GCP
Cloud Security Managers and Leaders:
  • LDR520: Leading Cloud Security Design and Implementation
For additional cloud security training courses, please visit our main SANS Cloud Security curriculum page.


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