ICS418: Cyber Security Training at SANS Stay Sharp: November 2024

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What You Will Learn

ICS security is an ever-changing field requiring practitioners to continually adapt defense strategies to meet new challenges and threats. To compound the issue, any security changes need to be thoroughly tested to maintain the safety and reliability of industrial operations.

Globally, "critical infrastructure" and "operators of essential services" represent hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of industrial organizations. Some of them are the lifelines to our modern society, like water, energy, food processing, and critical manufacturing - but every industrial facility deserves to know their process is secure and safe. With increased threats, new technology trends, and evolving workforce demands, it is vital for security managers in operational technology (OT) to be trained in techniques to defend their facilities and their teams.

The two-day ICS418 fills the identified gap amongst leaders working across critical infrastructure and OT environments. It equips new or existing managers responsible for OT/ICS, or converged IT/OT cybersecurity. The course provides the experience and tools to address industry pressures to manage cyber risk to prioritize the business - as well as the safety and reliability of operations. ICS leaders will leave the course with a firm understanding of the drivers and constraints that exist in these cyber-physical environments and will obtain a nuanced understanding of how to manage the people, processes, and technologies throughout their organizations.

You Will Be Able To
  • Articulate the value of ICS security and tie cyber risk to business risk decisions
  • Trend current and future technology changes to address business needs
  • Measure successes in industrial cyber risk management, complete with metrics for executives and boards
  • Use best practices to enable ICS security incident detection and response for their teams
  • Leverage external information, including threat intelligence, to guide their ICS security program
  • Provide governance, oversight, execution, and support across industrial facilities for ICS security initiatives and projects
  • Apply the differences between IT and ICS security for an effective control system cyber security program
  • Develop their security workforce to address gaps in hiring, training, and retention
  • Apply advanced techniques to help shape and shift their organization's culture of security
This Course Will Prepare You To
  • Develop ICS-specific cybersecurity programs and measure its impact across the organization
  • Use management and leadership skills to communicate your ICS security vision to executives and other leaders
  • Build (and keep) your ICS security team, using forecasting, capability modeling, and workforce planning
  • Assess the overall effectiveness of your organization's industrial cyber risk management program
  • Manage the various constraints across IT, OT, engineering, and physical security to improve your organization's culture
What You Will Receive
  • Access to Cyber42: Industrial Edition for management-based skills development with applicable business oriented decision making
  • Editable leadership drills designed for students to build new strategy and program elements and continuing their development long after the course ends


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06 Nov 2024 Virtual Book now

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