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Are you ready to test your team;s cyber security skills in a fun, interactive one-day experience?

Into the Breach launches attendees into an intense, real-world security breach simulation. Get hands-on experience with Microsoft products and test your team;s knowledge and threat hunting skills.

Players take on the role of a security analysts assisting on a simulated attack. They;ll apply their knowledge of Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel to complete a set of tasks, competing for bragging rights as they move up the leaderboard.


Exposure to Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel security tools.

Learning Outcomes

Into the Breach shows how Microsoft Threat Protection solutions help you:
  • Address threats more efficiently and effectively.
  • Use integrated, automated, extended detection and response (XDR) to increase efficiency and effectiveness with Microsoft Defender.
  • Stay secure against threats to identity, endpoints, data, apps and infrastructure.
  • Get end-to-end insights across the entire organisation with the Microsoft Sentinel cloud native SIEM.
  • Use security automation to detect, investigate and respond to threats using automated investigations and self-healing capabilities.
  • Use advanced hunting features to explore raw data across all security pillars and locate threat indicators.
  • View alerts and remediate across your Microsoft 365 environment in a single dashboard.
Course Outline

Shifts to the cloud alter security challenges. It is more important than ever to use with tools designed to support flexible, dynamic cloud environments. This technical, hands-on experience puts you in the driver's seat to test drive Microsoft;s latest security technology and threat hunt through the data.

Real World Accuracy:
  • Step into the role of a security analyst and use M365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel cloud security tools to investigate indicators of an advanced threat that is conducting an attack on your network across multiple phases of the kill chain.
Intrusion Analysis:
  • Investigate reports of suspicious emails and anomalous activity to mitigate a spear phishing attack.
Brute Force Analysis:
  • Track the adversary as they attempt to establish persistence within your network.
Escalation Analysis:
  • Identify suspicious behaviour and indicators of privilege escalation.
Execution Analysis:
  • Find unusual behaviours and suspicious files to prevent additional loss of critical data to a ransomware attack.


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