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The problem

Traditional ways of engaging people in cyber security do not create enough of a behavioural change - UK National Cyber Security Centre. eLearning is often infrequent, overly complex, boring or patronising and quickly forgotten. Phishing simulations leave people feeling tricked and forgotten. And reacting to SIEM events or other "after the fact" integrations, whilst allowing targeting, risks punishing people with training and is hard for people to contextualise. Despite using tools like the above for 10+ years, 85% of cyber attacks STILL start with the human!

Solution Redflags® Real-time Security Awareness

ThinkCyber have gone back to the basics of behavioural and learning science. Behavioural science tells us that all behaviours take place in, and are influenced by, "context", as well as having an element of timeliness, a "trigger" to act.


Redflags® takes a campaign-based approach to behaviour change, focusing on a few behaviours at a time to see measurable change.
  • Track risky behaviours with or without intervention; examples include plugging in a USB, data import/export from websites, email attachment handling and more.
  • Deliver short snippets of content to educate on cyber threats and secure behaviours.
  • Deliver "cognitive nudges" to specific risky behaviours, right there at the point of risk.
  • Reinforce understanding and behaviours with contextual reminders and tips.
  • Measure engagement and successful behaviour change, informing your next campaign.

Redflags® Ongoing Awareness

To train your people to best protect themselves, they need ongoing awareness of risks. The simplest element of Redflags® drip-feeds snippets of content directly onto people;s device.
  • Engage your staff with interesting stories and real-life examples, making security relevant to their role and personal lives.
  • Drive engagement with eye-catching, brief and digestible content delivered direct to their desktop, reducing barriers to engagement.
  • Maintain awareness, keeping security front of mind with content drip-fed little and often.
Redflags® Behaviour Triggers

To reduce cyber security incidents we need to target the behaviours that drive them. Unique real-time security interventions, at the point of risk.
  • Support people with gentle nudges to guide behaviours when they occur.
  • Apply behavioural science theory to enhance intervention effectiveness.
  • Gain visibility of risky behaviours taking place: from phishing to misdirected emails, online safety to data uploads.
Redflags® Learning Reinforcement

Annual training isn;t enough. Complement ongoing awareness, reinforce learning outcomes with brief reminders.
  • Reinforce and embed awareness, with short tips and reminders.
  • Respond to incidents and events, with rapid delivery of relevant guidance when needed.
  • Maximise engagement by delivering reminders only when relevant (to the risk) applications are in use.
Redflags® Portal

Measure behaviour change and engagement
  • Adapt your campaigns based on behaviour based metrics.
  • Baseline behaviours with or without interventions.
  • Measure engagement to give you the compliance data you need, as well as unique visibility of staff risky behaviours.
  • Manage and measure content groups.
What people think about Redflags®

"Experienced CISOs know that phishing simulations have limited effect and that we can all fall for tricks when vulnerable; awareness campaigns only work for a short period before people forget the messages; and everyone hates computer based training!

What I like about Redflags® from ThinkCyber is that messages can be tailored and delivered "in-the-moment" as someone is about to do something risky.

Based on the psychology of how to change behaviour, Redflags® reminds people what good practice looks like as they undertake specific activities, but without actually preventing the activity and interrupting business."

Robert Coles

Ex CISO NHS, GSK, National Grid

"Our people are busy, Redflags® allows us to provide training whilst they work and with minimal interruption. The repeated nature of the nudges allows us to change behaviours, not simply inform someone what a security threat is. We have also been able to target training towards specific teams based on incidents caused by their behaviours. Annual CBT style training pales in comparison. We are very happy with the way Redflags® is improving our security behaviours."


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