Knowing Your Threat Landscape - online seminar 13 October online seminar

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Knowing Your Threat Landscape - 13th October

Understanding your threat landscape can inform your security needs and drive change within your organisation. How do we define our Threat landscape and what tools can we use to gather threat intelligence? In this session we will cover at a high level the tools and techniques used to define and understand a business's threat landscape.

Attend this Seminar to:

• Learn about the importance of defining your attack surface

• Understand the intelligence lifecycle, how to define threats, how build intelligence and tools that can help automate this process

• Learn from leading expert Stuart Peck how powerful OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence), can be to accelerate your threat hunting

• Listen to case studies and examples of threat modelling from our expert speakers

• Learn how to implement these techniques to a range of scenarios

• Apply the knowledge from the session in an interactive threat modelling exercise

  • All attendees will receive a recorded version of the seminar



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13 Oct 2021 Online Book now

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