Join us for our next Interactive Seminar - Security Training for Developers - 9th June | 14:00 BST

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ZeroDayLive Series

Security Training for Developers has a simple objective; educating software developers to reinforce security best practices when developing software to reduce the accidental introduction of security vulnerabilities. In this session, we will cover some of the key aspects of security training for developers and how to protect your business through education.

Attend this seminar to:

  • Understand Web Application Hacking Methods & Tactics
  • Learn about the most common and critical application vulnerabilities- overview of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10
  • Increase cyber resilience by coding with a hacker mind-set
  • Learn how to upskill developers through assessments, training, resources, etc...
  • The importance of security skills within fast-paced development lifecycles, Agile, DevSecOps, etc...
  • Develop metrics for success!
  • All Attendees will receive an exclusive White Paper
  • Attendees will receive a recorded version of the event afterwards



There are currently no new dates advertised for this course

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