The Human Dimension (short course)

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This Module can only be taken as a Short Course for Credit.
For more information please go to the 'Upgrade to a professional qualification' section.

Due to the nature of the subject matter in this Module,security clearance may be required. 

This module teaches the importance and contribution of the human dimension when designing and implementing Cyber Defence and Information Assurance (IA) measures.

At a glance
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Duration 5 days face to face learning (with additional distance learning to be completed during 7 weeks)
Location Online
£1,310 -  Short Course for Credit fee

Concessions available

What you will learn
On successful completion of this module you should be able to:

Knowledge and skills

  • Evaluate and determine the usability criteria that a security mechanism has to meet to be workable for end-user groups and work contexts,
  • Assess how context can contribute to the delivery of a secure system,
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of a particular security mechanism in a given organisational or social context,
  • Evaluate a behaviour change programme in the context of Cyber Defence & IA,
  • Analyse end user behaviour, including human error, in the context of Cyber Defence and IA.

Core content
Individual level

  • end user behaviour,
  • human error (at an individual level).

Organisational/stems level

  • the importance of context,
  • human error (at an organisational/systems level),
  • circumventing security,
  • the role of the security specialist.


  • behaviour change,
  • awareness and training for cyber security,
  • designing security mechanisms for and with the end user.
  • Upgrade to a professional qualification

After successful completion of this Short Course for Credit, 10 credit points can be put towards either the Defence and Security (Technology) MSc, Cyber Defence and Information Assurance MSc or Cyberspace Operations MSc.

Find out more about short course credit points.

Who should attend
Students must have successfully completed Foundations of Cyber in order to take this as a Short Course for Credit.

Antoinette CairdDaley
A limited number of MOD sponsored places are available.



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