MGT414: SANS Training Program for CISSP® Certification

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About the course

Cert: GISP
MGT414: SANS Training Program for CISSP Certification is an accelerated review course designed to prepare you to pass the exam. The course takes into account the 2015 updates to the CISSP exam and prepares students to navigate all types of questions included on the new version of the exam.

What You Will Learn
Need training for the CISSP® exam?

SANS MGT414: SANS Training Program for CISSP® Certification is an accelerated review course that is specifically designed to prepare students to successfully pass the CISSP® exam.

The course focuses solely on the 8 domains of knowledge, as determined by (ISC)2, that form a critical part of the CISSP® exam. Each domain of knowledge is dissected into its critical components, and those components are then discussed in terms of their relationship with one another and with other areas of information security.

After completing the course students will have:

  • Detailed coverage of the 8 domains of knowledge
  • The analytical skills required to pass the CISSP® exam
  • The technical skills required to understand each question
  • The foundational information needed to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®)

You Will Be Able To:

  • Understand the 8 domains of knowledge that are covered on the CISSP® exam.
  • Analyze questions on the exam and be able to select the correct answer.
  • Apply the knowledge and testing skills learned in class to pass the CISSP® exam.
  • Understand and explain all of the concepts covered in the 8 domains of knowledge.
  • Apply the skills learned across the 8 domains to solve security problems when you return to work.

What Students Will Receive in This Class:

  • Electronic courseware for each of the 8 domains
  • 320 questions to test knowledge and preparation for each domain
  • MP3 audio files of the complete course lectures

External Product Notice

The CISSP® exam itself is not hosted by SANS. You will need to make separate arrangements to take the CISSP® exam. Please note as well that the GISP exam offered by GIAC is NOT the same as the CISSP® exam offered by (ISC)2.

Additional Resources

Click here to see the 2021 CISSP® exam outline.

Syllabus (52 CPEs)
MGT414.1: Introduction, Security and Risk Management

MGT414.2: Asset Security and Security Engineering (Part 1)

MGT414.3: Security Engineering (Part 2): Communication and Network Security

MGT414.4: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

MGT414.5: Security Assessment and Testing; Security Operations

MGT414.6: Software Development Security

GIAC Information Security Professional
The GIAC Information Security Professional (GISP) certification validates a practitioner’s knowledge of the 8 domains of cybersecurity knowledge as determined by (ISC)2 that form a critical part of CISSP® exam. GISP certification holders will be able to demonstrate knowledge of asset security, communications and network security, identity and access management, security and risk management, security assessment and testing, security engineering, security operation, and software development security.

  • Asset Security
  • Communications and Network Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security and Risk Management
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Engineering
  • Security Operation
  • Software Development Security

Author Statement
"The CISSP® certification has been around for nearly 25 years. The exam is designed to test your understanding of the Common Body of Knowledge, which may be thought of as the universal language of information security professionals. It is often said to be a mile wide and two inches deep. The CISSP® exam covers a lot of theoretical information that is critical for a security professional to understand. However, this material can be dry, and since most students do not see the direct applicability to their jobs, they find it boring. The goal of this course is to bring the 8 domains of knowledge of the CISSP® to life. The practical workings of this information can be discovered by explaining important topics with stories, examples, and case studies. I challenge you to attend the SANS CISSP® training course and find the exciting aspect of the 8 domains of knowledge!" - Eric Conrad and Seth Misenar

"It is very clear that Eric has a wealth of knowledge on not only the content covered in the course but the study tips and tricks to pass the exam itself - I'm looking forward to more of his stories as the course progresses!" - Neaka Balloge, NYU Langone Health

Ways to Learn
Study and prepare for GIAC Certification with four months of online access to SANS OnDemand courses. Includes labs and exercises, and SME support.

Live Online
Live, interactive sessions with SANS instructors over the course of one or more weeks, at times convenient to students worldwide.

Who Should Attend MGT414?

  • Security professionals who want to understand the concepts covered on the CISSP® exam as determined by (ISC)2.
  • Managers who want to understand the critical areas of information security.
  • System, security, and network administrators who want to understand the pragmatic applications of the CISSP® domains.
  • Security professionals and managers looking for practical ways to apply the 8 domains of knowledge to their current activities.

In short, if you desire a CISSP®, or your job requires it, MGT414 is the training for you.

"This course gave me high confidence in my ability to pass the CISSP on the first try." - Corey Melhus, Farewar Stores


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