Cyber Essentials Consultancy Training

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“The Cyber Essentials scheme provides businesses small and large with clarity on good basic cyber security practice. By focussing on basic cyber hygiene, your company will be better protected from the most common cyber threats. The Cyber Essentials badge allows your company to advertise the fact that it adheres to a government endorsed standard.”


The requirements for Cyber Essentials has been centralized under the banner of the National Cyber Security Centre and the updates of the framework have been updated. This one day training course allows trainees to understand the new updates, with the eventual ability to offer Cyber Essentials consultancy to their own clients.




1.      Introduction to Cyber Essentials


2.      Boundary firewalls and internet


3.      Secure configuration


4.      Access control


5.      Malware protection


6.      Patch management


7.      Company Self-Assessments


8.      Certification Process


9.      Understanding




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