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The CompTIA CTT+ Certification is aimed at all training professionals in the technical and non-technical training sectors who want to achieve a cross-industry credential proving that they have accomplished a standard of excellence in the training industry. The examination (TK0-203) will measure the core skills and knowledge that must be demonstrated by competent and successful instructors by completing an instructional assignment. The CTT+ recognises top-quality trainers and validates the expertise of top training instructors across multiple industries. Learners must pass two exams to achieve the CTT+ Certification.

Candidates can choose the following certification paths;

CompTIA CTT+ with the Classroom Trainer Designation

Completing the CompTIA CTT+ Essentials (TK0-201) exam. Submitting a video of classroom training session (TK0-202) to be evaluated and scored.

CompTIA CTT+ with the Virtual Classroom Trainer Designation

Completing the CompTIA CTT+ Essentials (TK0-201) exam. Submitting of a CD/DVD of a virtual classroom training session (TK0-203) to be evaluated and scored.

CompTIA CTT+ Certified with both designations

Completing the CompTIA CTT+ Essentials (TK0-201) exam. Also, completing both (TK0-202, TK0-203) performance-based exams.

This is an Exam-Only package. Learners who want to follow the CompTIA CTT+ Certification course must take it separately.

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Who is this Exam aimed at?

  • Individuals with an interest in taking the CompTIA CTT+ Certification (TK0-203) Exam
  • Aspiring Trainers and Instructors
  • Instructors in technical and non-technical training

Entry Requirement

6-12 months of training experience

Exam Details

  • Certification: CompTIA CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer (TK0-203)
  • Type of Exam: Computer-based test (CBT)
  • Number of Questions: N/A
  • Length of Test: Length of recording between 17-22 minutes of instruction
  • Recommended Experience: 6-12 months of training experience
  • Passing Score: 36
Exam Objectives 
  • 13% - Planning Prior to the Course
  • 14% - Methods and Media for Instructional Delivery
  • 10% - Instructor Credibility and Communications
  • 45% - Group Facilitation
  • 18% - Evaluate the Training Even
Testing Exam Objectives
Planning Prior to the Course
Review learning objectives, and match them to the learner and organisational needs. 
Methods and Media for Instructional Delivery
Select and implement delivery methods. 
Instructor Credibility and Communications
Demonstrate professional conduct and expertise in content. Use effective communication and presentation skills. 
Group Facilitation
Establish and maintain a learner-centred environment. Motivate and reinforce learners. 
Evaluate the Training Event
Evaluate the performance of the learner throughout the training event.


Learners who successfully complete the (TK0-203) Examination will be awarded the CompTIA CTT+ Certification. It is designed to support and develop trainers and training professionals enabling them to become competitive in the global arena.

Awarding Body

  • CompTIA is a leading tech association worldwide and is at the forefront of the IT industry.
  • They have become a prime voice and platform for foundation IT skills across multiple devices and operating systems.
  • CompTIA offers exclusive certification programmes, with CompTIA CTT+ which has been created to benefit aspiring and currently employed Instructors.
  • It is a well-suited training qualification for professionals across the training industry and has serviced thousands of learners.
  • It is with the aim to use global best practices and provide an excellent route for individuals who want to rise up the career ladder.

Career Path

Once you successfully qualify in CompTIA CTT+ Certification (TK0-203), this Professional Certificate by CompTIA will prepare you to demonstrate your skills as an instructor and attain a standard of excellence. You will become a highly valued candidate in the training industry. This certification will lead to earning about £43,000 for the role of Training and Development Manager or £42,000 for the role of Project Manager Training and the opportunity to progress to higher earning potential with experience.


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