Secure Network Setup Package

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Secure Network Setup Package
Setting up your network securely is the first step in preventing attacks and misuse of your resources. The labs in this category help you gain experience with common network security practices, intrusion detection systems, and firewall policies. You will gain exposure to multiple tools in order to apply your existing knowledge—seeing how specific tools implement best practices and principles. Even if your particular network uses different software packages, the principles and procedures honed here will apply equally in your configuration.

This package includes all labs in the Secure Network Setup category, as well as all new labs in the category released during your subscription period.

Specific prerequisites vary by lab, but generally include basic knowledge of TCP/IP networking and network setup principles.

14 hours , self-paced. Pause and continue at any time.


  • Introductory IDS Configuration with Snort
  • Intrusion Detection using Zeek (formerly Bro)
  • Firewall Configuration with VyOS
  • Firewall Configuration with IPtables
  • Firewall Configuration with pfSense
  • VPN Server Configuration with OpenVPN
  • Split-Horizon DNS Configuration using BIND

$595 for 6 months of access.

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