Level 2: Attack/Defense/IR Exercises & Instructional Labs

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Test your team's abilities with virtual capture-the-flag, defacement, and incident response scenarios! Level 2 includes all the Level 1 cybersecurity labs PLUS access to three current capture-the-flag/incident-response scenarios AND one new CTF/war-game scenario each quarter... let your team compete head-to-head in attack/defend games!

Each scenario comes with step-by-step instructions for successful attacks, or can be completed without instructions for a greater challenge!

Want to see a scenario in action? Watch our live walkthrough of Level 2!

Cost for an annual subscription includes existing labs and all new labs during a 12 month period. Bulk discounts are available. Packages can be purchased by credit card or paid by invoice. Contact info@cyrintraining.com for volume discount and invoicing options.

Basic networking concepts (TCP/IP, DNS, etc.) and familiarity with the Unix/Linux command line.
100 hours , self-paced. Pause and continue at any time.


  • Getting Started with CYRIN
  • Introductory IDS Configuration with Snort
  • Intrusion Detection using Zeek (formerly Bro)
  • Firewall Configuration with VyOS
  • Firewall Configuration with IPtables
  • Firewall Configuration with pfSense
  • VPN Server Configuration with OpenVPN
  • Split-Horizon DNS Configuration using BIND
  • Host IDS Setup with OSSEC
  • Using Active Directory to Manage Domain User Accounts
  • SSH Server Configuration
  • Identifying Live Machines and Services on an Unknown Network
  • Service Identification I
  • Service Identification II
  • Log Analysis with RSYSLOG
  • Log Analytics with Splunk
  • Log Analytics with Elastic Stack
  • Introduction to Metasploit
  • Vulnerability Scanning with OpenVAS
  • Automating Security Analysis with SPARTA
  • Secure Configuration of the Apache Web Server
  • Secure SSL Configuration in Apache
  • Web Application Security Analysis using OWASP-ZAP
  • Web Application Security Analysis using Nikto
  • Web Application Security Analysis using Vega
  • Web Application Security Analysis using Burp Suite
  • Detecting and Exploiting SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
  • Web Site Reconnaissance
  • DoS Attacks and Defenses
  • Protocol Analysis I: Wireshark Basics
  • Protocol Analysis II: Extracting Data from Network Traffic
  • Handling Potential Malware
  • Introductory File System Forensics
  • Live Forensics using GRR
  • Introduction to P2P Forensics
  • Introduction to Memory Analysis with Volatility
  • Introduction to Memory Analysis with Rekall
  • Windows Forensics Artifacts
  • Advanced P2P Forensics
  • eMule P2P Forensics
  • Capture the Flag Scenario I
  • Capture the Flag Scenario II
  • Conduct a Data Leak Investigation
  • Packet Capture Analysis and Manipulation
  • Intrusion Analysis using Network Traffic
  • Advanced Analysis of Malicious Network Traffic
  • Red vs Blue
  • Level 1: CYRIN Enterprise Instructional Labs

$3995 for 1 year of access.

Included if you are a subscriber to any of the following training packages:

Level 3: Utility Under Attack Scenarios, Attack/Defense/IR Exercises, & Instructional Labs


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