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Level 1 includes access to the entire set of CYRIN cybersecurity labs. Currently over 30 labs are available, with more coming each quarter. Lab categories include Cyber Forensics, Secure Network Setup, and many others—see "Lab Categories" at the top of the page for a preview of each.

Each lab is approximately two hours long, self-paced. Labs can be paused, continued, or repeated at any time. CPEs awarded on successful completion of each lab.

Want to see a lab in action? Watch our live walkthrough of Level 1!

Want to try out a lab? The Web Application Security Analysis with OWASP-ZAP lab is available FREE for 30 days.

Cost for an annual subscription includes existing labs and all new labs during a 12 month period. Bulk discounts are available. Packages can be purchased by credit card or paid by invoice. Contact info@cyrintraining.com for volume discount and invoicing options.

Prerequisites vary by lab, but are generally: familiarity with the Unix/Linux command line, basic networking concepts (TCP/IP, DNS, etc.), and basic cyber-forensic concepts (for forensics labs).

80 hours , self-paced. Pause and continue at any time.


  • Getting Started with CYRIN
  • Introductory IDS Configuration with Snort
  • Intrusion Detection using Zeek (formerly Bro)
  • Firewall Configuration with VyOS
  • Firewall Configuration with IPtables
  • Firewall Configuration with pfSense
  • VPN Server Configuration with OpenVPN
  • Split-Horizon DNS Configuration using BIND
  • Host IDS Setup with OSSEC
  • Using Active Directory to Manage Domain User Accounts
  • SSH Server Configuration
  • Identifying Live Machines and Services on an Unknown Network
  • Service Identification I
  • Service Identification II
  • Log Analysis with RSYSLOG
  • Log Analytics with Splunk
  • Log Analytics with Elastic Stack
  • Introduction to Metasploit
  • Vulnerability Scanning with OpenVAS
  • Automating Security Analysis with SPARTA
  • Secure Configuration of the Apache Web Server
  • Secure SSL Configuration in Apache
  • Web Application Security Analysis using OWASP-ZAP
  • Web Application Security Analysis using Nikto
  • Web Application Security Analysis using Vega
  • Web Application Security Analysis using Burp Suite
  • Detecting and Exploiting SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
  • Web Site Reconnaissance
  • DoS Attacks and Defenses
  • Protocol Analysis I: Wireshark Basics
  • Protocol Analysis II: Extracting Data from Network Traffic
  • Handling Potential Malware
  • Introductory File System Forensics
  • Live Forensics using GRR
  • Introduction to P2P Forensics
  • Introduction to Memory Analysis with Volatility
  • Introduction to Memory Analysis with Rekall
  • Windows Forensics Artifacts
  • Advanced P2P Forensics
  • eMule P2P Forensics

$1995 for 1 year of access.

Included if you are a subscriber to any of the following training packages:

  • Level 2: Attack/Defense/IR Exercises & Instructional Labs
  • Level 3: Utility Under Attack Scenarios, Attack/Defense/IR Exercises, & Instructional Labs


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