Webinar: The Anatomy of a Cloud Hack

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About the course

Join the webinar: The Anatomy of a Cloud Hack.
Global Webinar times are:
USA: 9.00am PST
USA: 12.00 pm EST

Presenter: Scott Issac, Black Hat Trainer, and accredited Pen Tester.  

In the session, Scott will explore recently publicized Cloud Security Breaches, accompanied by real-world examples of how available reconnaissance techniques and tools are leveraged by today’s unethical hackers to successfully uncover vulnerabilities, many of which can often be undetected by scanners. 

You will learn and hear about:

-  Examples and case studies of the past cloud hacks
-  How cloud security differs  from conventional security 
-  Cloud infrastructure defense 
-  Using Cloud services to perform continuous monitoring and defense

The webinar is for those who want to know what different types of common cyberattacks are launched against data and applications in the cloud, and how best to defend against them.  Ideal for those with existing cloud environments or those planning to move to a cloud environment. 

Register to join, we look forward to talking to you.

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