SEC406: SANS Cyber Defence Japan 2024

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Most new Information Security Professionals are more familiar with Windows than Linux, yet many of the critical tools used in today's offensive, defensive, ICS, and forensics positions require a strong understanding of Linux. This presents a serious challenge for those without the requisite experience because these systems are frequently utilized in highly exposed environments such as DMZs and the cloud. The irony is that now our information security platforms are creating new security risks. This Linux security course solves the problem by offering numerous hands-on exercises allowing students to quickly develop the Linux skills necessary to become a valuable asset to any Information Security team.

This Linux security training focuses on the fundamental aspects of Linux Administration, covering topics such as configuring a secure Linux system, working with the command line, and managing users and permissions. It also emphasizes the security aspects of these skills, teaching students how to secure their Linux systems and defend against potential attacks. You will learn how a misconfiguration introduces a vulnerability, how to attack that vulnerability and how to mitigate those risks. Upon completing the course, students will have the knowledge and skills required to secure Linux systems, identify potential security threats, and implement appropriate measures to prevent them. With our course, you can gain the experience necessary to become a skilled and confident Linux user, ensuring that you are an asset rather than a liability to your employer.

Who Should Attend

This Linux security class is suitable for a wide range of professionals who work with Linux systems and want to learn about securing them. Whether you are a system administrator, DevOps professional, security professional, network defender, blue-team, red-team, ICS, incident-responder, or cloud architect, this class will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to secure your Linux-based infrastructure. By attending this class, you will learn about Linux security concepts, best practices, and tools, and how to implement them in your organization.

You Will Be Able To

In this course, you will gain essential skills that will transform the way you work with a Linux-based Operating System. Starting in section one, you will navigate around your computer with ease using the terminal andmaster advanced file management techniques to boost productivity.By section two, you willunderstand how to customize your environmentand locate programs. We will alsocover everything you need to know about user accounts and groups.In section three, we willdiscussfile and system access controls and techniques to maintain robust system security. With section four, you'll discover how to manage your computer's resources and monitor its performance, whether you're working with a server or cloud-based systems. Finally, in section five, you'll unlock the power of package management, remote server management via SSH, networking, and other impressive tips and tricks. With our course, you will gain the confidence and proficiency to achieve more with your computer than you ever thought possible!


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