SEC587: SANS Amsterdam May 2024

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What You Will Learn

SANS SEC587 is an advanced Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) course for those who already know the foundations of OSINT. The goal is to provide students with more in-depth and technical OSINT knowledge. Students will learn OSINT skills and techniques that law enforcement, intelligence analysts, private investigators, journalists, penetration testers and network defenders use in their investigations.

Open-source intelligence collection and analysis techniques are increasingly useful in a world where more and more information is added to the internet every day. With billions of internet users sharing information on themselves, their organizations, and people and events they have knowledge of, the internet is a resource-rich environment for intelligence collection. SEC587 is designed to teach you how to efficiently utilize this wealth of information for your own investigations.

SEC587 will take your OSINT collection and analysis abilities to the next level, whether you are involved in intelligence analysis, criminal and fraud investigations, or just curious about how to find out more about anything! SEC587 is replete with hands-on exercises, real-world scenarios, and interaction with live internet and dark web data sources.

This course is also blended with all the fundamentals an OSINT analyst will need to learn and understand and apply basic coding in languages such as Python, JSON, and shell utilities as well as interacting with APIs for automating your OSINT processes.
SEC587 students will learn effective OSINT methods and techniques including:
  • Structured intelligence analysis
  • Rating the reliability of information and its sources
  • Researching sensitive and secretive groups
  • Practical and Advanced Image and video analysis and verification
  • Dark web and criminal underground investigations.
  • Operational Security (OPSEC) for OSINT
  • Fact-checking and analysis of disinformation and misinformation
  • Knowing cryptocurrency fundamentals and tracking
  • Using basic coding to facilitate information collection and analysis
  • Interacting with APIs for data collection and filtering
  • Conducting internet monitoring
  • Automation techniques to support OSINT processes
You Will Receive with this Course:

Physical and digital workbooks and a course specific Virtual Machine (VM) tailored for this Advanced Open Source Intelligence Gathering and Analysis course

This Course Will Prepare You to:
  • Take a dive more in-depth into finding, collecting, and analyzing information found on the internet
  • Debug, understand, alter, and create your own OSINT-focused Python scripts
  • Move and pivot around safely on the Dark Web
  • Perform financial OSINT investigations


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27 May 2024 Amsterdam Book now

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