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Please note - there is a minimum purchase of 5 seats for this product.

HTB Academy is a real 'University for Hackers,' where our users can learn step-by-step the cybersecurity theory. All the way from guided to exploratory learning, learn how to hack and develop the hacking mindset that will enable you to assess and create secure systems. An interactive and guided skill development platform for corporate IT teams that want to master Offensive, Defensive , and General Cybersecurity.

Interactive: Practice on live targets, put your knowledge to the test

Browser based training: Train through your browser utilizing a web-based workstation

Training for every skill level: Courses for every skill level, ranging from fundamental to expert




Flexible & High-Quality Cybersecurity Training

Training that offers unparalleled flexibility, interactivity that combines theory and practice, and top-quality content, everything browser accessible. Employees can train utilizing a web-based workstation.

To provide guidance on which modules to study in order to obtain a specific skill or even the practical skills and mentality necessary for a specific job role HTB Academy features two kinds of paths,'Skill Paths' and 'Job Role Paths'.

Skill Paths contain groups of modules each related to a specific cyber security or IT skill.

Job Role Paths contain groups of modules each related to a specific cyber security job role.

Modules in paths are presented in a logical order to make your way through studying.


Unlimited Training Content

Enrolled employees will benefit from unlimited access to all existing and upcoming courses. We usually release multiple new modules per month. Any new content is automatically accessible by your team, without any additional fee.

Employee Progress Tracking

Company admins are able to track their team;s progress by downloading each employee;s "Student Transcript". A report from day 0 until the time of the download, listing all completed and in-progress modules for each individual student.

User Seat Flexibility

Managers (admins) can invite team members and assign them to "user seats". Flexibility in user seats allows for employee rotation and a flexible learning experience as per the demands and needs of the team.

Diverse Content For Any Skill Level

The guided paths enable employees to practice on live targets and master any topic. From beginners to experts. From red and blue teamers to developers and sysadmins.

  • Minimum seats 5
  • Progress tracking
  • Seat rotation
  • Job role paths
  • Skills paths
  • Certifications
  • Exam attempts Unlimited


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