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By the end of the 45-minute course delegates will:
  • Understand what information security is and why information must be kept secure.
  • Know what the law says, and what could happen if you get it wrong.
  • Understand the different risks to security, and the procedures to follow to avoid attacks on our systems.
  • Be aware of the company information security policies and the procedures they must follow.
  • Understand the actions and behaviours necessary to keep information secure inside and outside of work.

What can delegates expect from the course?

Modules cover:
  • Introduction
    • What is Information Security?
    • Security policies
    • Computer user agreement
    • About this course
  • What the law says
    • General Data Protection Regulation
    • GDPR and individuals
    • Individual rights
    • GDPR and consent
    • GDPR breaches
    • Data protection best practice
    • Other legislation
  • Around the office
    • How you store information
    • Keeping information secure
    • Information Security policy
    • Following procedures
    • Desks & Meeting rooms
    • Clear desk
    • Clearing up after a meeting
    • White boards
  • Email and passwords
    • Creating a strong password
    • Don;t make it easy
    • Remembering your passwords
    • Website subscriptions
    • Email attachments
    • Email use
    • Receiving emails
    • Sending emails
  • Potential attacks
    • The Internet
    • Cyber crime
    • Types of malware
    • How is malware installed?
    • Inviting trouble
    • Finding a USB stick
    • Checking emails
    • A call from IT
    • Social Engineering
      • Pre-Texting
      • Baiting
      • Ransomware
      • Phishing
  • Out of the office
    • Disrupted day
      • A call from your manager
      • Papers on the backseat
      • Laptop in the boot of a car
      • Limit what you take
      • Be careful around people
      • Keep equipment secure
      • Working from home
    • Mobile devices
    • Mobile device rules
    • Encryption
    • Back up data
    • Reporting the loss
    • Connecting your device
  • Assessment
    • Multiple choice questions for each of the previous modules


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