Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM)

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Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM)
Become an international Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) by attending this 5-day The AACI (The American Anti-Corruption Institute) accredited course

IMF Academy is The AACI (American Anti-Corruption Institute) authorized
training organization and an accredited training provider of
Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) courses in Europe.

Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) – mode of study
Option 1: 5-day public course
Option 2: In-house course

The programmes are available as an online live training course.

About The AACI (American Anti-Corruption Institute)
The AACI - The American Anti-Corruption Institute - is the global premier leading provider of management anti-corruption training and the only organization that addresses fighting fraud and corruption by focusing on the side of decision makers and those charged with governance. The Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) certification process is the first of its kind worldwide and leads to the most effective means to prevent fraud and corruption in organizations.

Though the CACM course and certification are corruption prevention oriented, they also empower management to deter and detect fraud and corruption, money laundering, and financing terrorism.

Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) – why?
Corruption and damage to integrity in general are increasingly recognized as a serious risk to any organization. The Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) course trains the anti-corruption manager who needs to develop a full understanding of corruption, as the loss of integrity in and by the organization. You will become familiar with the legal, managerial and psychological tools for preventing and fighting corruption and be able to introduce both soft and hard controls to encourage ethical behaviour and reduce the chances of misconduct taking place.

Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) – prevent, detect and manage the risk of corruption in your organization
Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) is a management professional certification specifically designed to equip management and those charged with governance with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills that are especially relevant for preventing corruption in a business environment. The Certified Anti-Corruption Manager (CACM®) certification program promotes mastery of fraud and corruption prevention, deterrence and detection, internal control, corporate governance, anti-corruption strategic management, and corruption-related decision support through a rigorous curriculum and an exclusive exam process.

Certified Anti-Corruption Manager (CACM®) – what will you learn?
In a time of rigorous and growing anti-corruption enforcement, understanding the law is essential to safeguard against corruption risks and to avoid potential penalties and reputational loss. Doing business globally requires compliance with international laws and conventions, such as the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Sarbanes-Oxly Act - both of which have transnational reach -, the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and other laws and conventions.

In this Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) course you will learn how to implement policies and procedures to comply with the FCPA and other major anti-corruption initiatives, to execute the effectiveness of your anti-corruption compliance program, and to manage investigations across international borders.

Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) – for who?
Corruption, bribery and fraud are a key concern to many global organizations. This Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) course and certification is therefore a key course for board members, executive management, senior management, compliance officers, fraud examiners and other fraud specialists, controllers and corporate managers, attorneys, legal professionals and law enforcement personnel, detectives and private investigators, forensic and management accountants, accounts payable and financial analysts, GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) managers, internal and external auditors, and business professionals.

Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) – number of attendees
The number of delegates is limited to ensure that everyone receives plenty of individual attention.

Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) – teaching languages
The intensive 5-day Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) course will be lectured in English. All documentation and the CACM® exam are in English.

Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) – level of the course
The Certified Anti-Corruption Manager® (CACM) course will be held on a Bachelor+ level.


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23 Nov 2020 Amsterdam The Netherlands Book now

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