Computer Forensics

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Computer Forensics

Who should attend ?
IT Security Centre Personnel, Auditors, CERT members.

Basic knowledge of Linux and Windows operating systems.

Course Syllabus
Computer incident response
Preliminary stages of computer analysis
Information about NTFS, FAT32, ext2, ext3 file systems (how files are opened, saved and deleted in these systems)
Non-volatility of data in different components of a computer (RAM, “Stack” area, hard disks etc.) Data storage and retrieval from these components
Conducting computer analysis on a Linux system and presentation of related tools
In the applied part of the course, setting up the analysis environment and conducting, with tools, the analysis of a suspected file
Conducting computer analysis on a Windows system and presentation of related tools

3 Days.

Attendees will be able to conduct computer analysis on their own.


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No fixed date London

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