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Bridging the Gap between GCSE Computer Science and University

The CyberEPQ is the UK's first and only Extended Project Qualification in Cyber Security.  The CyberEPQ has been developed by a consortium of education and Cyber Security partners to help provide a starting point for anyone considering a career in Cyber Security.  The qualification is delivered using distance learning tools with its content developed by the National Occupational Standards in Information Security.
Based at the iconic Bletchley Park, Qufaro embraces the rich national heritage in codebreaking and cryptography which are the catalyst for delivering the next generation's cyber defenders.  Qufaro delivers the qualification using a distance learning platform - the Moodle. From videos and quizzes to interactive learning materials and investigation tasks, it has been developed to help broaden Cyber Security knowledge and skills.
The modules are aligned with the National Occupational Standards as well as the Chartered Institute of Information Security Skills Framework. Ranging from Cryptography, Info-Sec Management and Risk Management to Digital Forensics, Business Resilience and Secure Testing. The course is project-based, with an essay and a presentation based on what students have learned contributing to their final mark.
One of the greatest benefits of the CyberEPQ is the Independent Study Skills developed which prepares students for University and future careers.  The CyberEPQ provides the framework to develop these skills and bridges the gap between GSCE Computer Science and University entrance level qualification in Cyber Security. A number of prestigious Universities recognise the strong foundations which an EPQ provides for further study and independent working and consequently offer lower grade requirements for good results awarded for an EPQ.  The CyberEPQ itself carries up to 28 UCAS points.

The ultimate goal of developing cyber security skills and knowledge is to nurture highly qualified cyber security and digital forensics graduates who are optimised to work in government, business, finance, insurance, industrial, media, legal and intelligence services, as well as many other employment sectors. With cyber-attacks becoming more common and posing greater threats, no company or individual is immune.  Over 1.5 million additional cyber workers are needed globally by 2020 with more than 70% of employers experiencing skills shortages.  Cyber Security experts are, and will remain, in high demand.

The CyberEPQ helps students gain the required skills and knowledge to fill the cyber security skills gap in this expanding industry. 
Interested? Please register for the 2019/2020 CyberEPQ or contact us via the enquiry form below. 

Registration opens Monday 2nd September 2019 and closes Thursday 21st October 2019. 

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