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Cyber Transform Certification Training

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The 5 Shifts Our Clients Made to Land the Cybersecurity Jobs They Love without college degree, years of experience or classroom training.

10 x your life with a rewarding, fulfilling and high-paying cybersecurity career!


How to Follow a Step-by-Step Approach to Get The Cybersecurity Skills Which Employers Care About (Instead of Wasting Time Trying to Figure Out What Doesn't Work)


The completion rates of typical online courses at Udemy, Coursera etc. are disappointingly low at JUST 13% (and WHY live-online mentoring support increases completion rates to 90% and above!)  


Why Traditional Learning Methods are Inefficient and Why You Need to STOP Learning Irrelevant Technical Jargon (And Focus on What Really Matters) 


Why random online courses are NOT enough to kickstart a cybersecurity career (And WHY accredited trainings with industry certifications like A+, Security+ and CEH help you find more opportunities for advancement)


Why Focusing on the RIGHT Cybersecurity Certification with Training, Hands-on Exercises and Accountability Support is the FASTEST way to upgrade your Cybersecurity Career!

Why You Should Trust Us

Emin Caliskan, founder of FeltSecure.

"When I pivoted my IT career to Ethical Hacking in 2011, I had no idea that this move would unlock high-paying & rewarding job opportunities for me all around the world; including NATO CCD COE, Top National Security & Audit Institutions and Billion Dollar Companies in the UK and USA.

But I wasn't helping enough people! So I completed my PhD studies on Cyber Security Training Methods and kickstarted our training & mentoring company in London/UK with my partners. So far we have helped numerous people all around the world so they can also enjoy their careers just as we do!"

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FeltSecure are an:

  • authorised CompTIA Partner 
  • EC Council Accredited Training Centre 
  • ISACA member
  • Payl8r merchant


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