Cyber Security Incident Response for Managers (CSIRM)

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Assuming a basic knowledge and understanding of your organisation;s incident response plan, this course is ideally suited to those responsible for decision making, management planning or responding to a cyber event involving an attack or breach of a computer network. The course will detail how effective the response plan is with regard to a real-world attack or data breach.

This course is theory-based with group discussions. Time permitting, a demonstration of 7Safe;s STOMP

Ransomware challenge will be made available to delegates wishing to participate and understand real-world technical challenges involved in responding effectively and swiftly to a cyber event.


This course will give you:
  • An understanding of the importance of an effective incident response plan
  • The ability to appreciate and evaluate risks to your organisation;s data based on your incident response plan
  • An understanding of the principles of preparing and responding to a cyber event
  • Anyone involved in any management aspect of preparing for or managing a cyber security event
For a course with more hands-on technical content, delegates should consider 7Safe;s CSIR course.


  • No CSIR technical knowledge is needed but an understanding of the requirements for information security is essential
  • We recommend you refresh your knowledge and understanding of your organisation;s incident response plan
Delegates will learn how to

  • You will understand the importance of cyber security frameworks
  • You will gain insight as to why an effective and robust incident response plan is necessary in today;s interconnected world
  • You will find out how organisations become exposed to certain attacks or breaches and what can be done to mitigate this
  • You will learn about employee security lapses and the importance of education programmes
  • You will have the chance of stopping a Ransomware attack and understand some of the methods such malware uses to obfuscate and prevent removal


1. The Threat

2. Cyber Frameworks

3. Incident response plans including:

• Policies

• Procedures

• Standards

• Baselines

• Guidelines

4. Responding to an event

5. Education and training

6. STOMP challenge


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