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CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) is a certification that is internationally recognised and teaches students how to audit, control, assess and monitor business and information security systems. Many employers that are recruiting security, audit or risk management staff list the CISA certification as a pre-requisite to applications.
The CISA certification covers, among others, the following subjects:
  •  Control objectives
  •  Reporting techniques
  •  Auditing practices and techniques
  •  Preservation of evidence
How to gather evidence
Organisationally and professionally, CISA is considered to be the global benchmark as far as certifications and knowledge of IT and information systems are concerned. Gaining the CISA certification will prove that you are competent in recognising the importance of business asset security and availability.
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ISACA CISA Course Assessment
To earn your official Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification you will need to complete the accredited training course and then pass the CISA exam at an authorised exam center. The CISA qualification is internationally recognised and is awarded by ISACA.
ISACA CISA Course Requirements
There are no official prerequisites to study the CISA training course or to take the official CISA exam. However, after passing your exam you will be required to submit proof that you have no less than 5 years paid work experience in Information Systems Auditing, control or security in order to receive your certified status. This experience can be gained before or after taking the CISA exam but there is a deadline of five years post-exam to provide this proof along with the application for certification.
Career Path Opportunities
The ISACA CISA course is suited for anyone looking to work in any of the following roles:
  •  IT Auditor
  •  Information Security Manager
  •  Information Security Consultant
  •  Information Risk Manager
  •  IT Security Analyst
  •  Risk Assurance Advisor
  •  Senior IT Internal Auditor
  •  Cyber Security Manager
  •  Internal Audit Manager
  •  Principal IT Auditor
Frequently Asked ISACA CISA Course Questions
QUESTION When can I write my Certified Information Systems Auditor exam?
The official Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) exam is available three times each year – in June, September and December.
QUESTION How many questions are on the CISA exam and how long do I have to complete it?
The CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions and the exam duration is four (4) hours.
QUESTION Can I take the CISA exam first and then submit my proof of 5 years paid work experience at a later stage?
Yes. Once you have passed the CISA exam you have a five (5) year period in which to submit your work experience evidence in order to apply for certification. If you can begin working immediately after you pass your exam, you will accumulate the required experience within the time frame provided. If you already have some experience prior to writing the exam then this will count towards the required length of experience provided that the experience was gained within ten (10) years prior to passing your exam. Please also be aware that written documentation from previous employers will be required to prove your paid work experience.
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Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
Lesson 1
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Audit Process
1.3 Auditing Standards
1.4 Auditing Guidelines
1.5 Cobit Model
1.6 Audit Management
1.7 Internal Control Classifications
1.8 Planning
1.9 Program
1.10 Evidence
1.11 Audit Control Evaluation
1.12 C S A Control Self- Assessment
Lesson 2
2.1 IT Governance
2.2 Outsourcing and Governance
2.3 IT Strategy
2.4 Governance and Security Policies
2.5 Organisational Compliance
2.6 Outsourcing and Globalisation
2.7 Outsourcing
2.8 IT Performance
Lesson 3
3.1 System and Infrastructure
3.2 Requirements
3.3 Project Management Tools – Part 1
3.4 Project Management Tools – Part 2
3.5 Applications
3.6 Agile Development
3.7 Monitoring and Controlling
3.8 Acquisition Process
3.9 Testing Process
3.10 Information System Maintenance Practices
3.11 Data Conversion Tools
Lesson 4
4.1 Media Disposal Process
4.2 Post Implementation Review
4.3 Periodic Review
4.4 System Maintenance
Lesson 5
5.1 IT Service Delivery and Support
5.2 How to Evaluate Service Level Management Practices
5.3 Operations Management
5.4 Databases
5.5 Structures Query Language
5.6 Monitoring Performance
5.7 Source Code and Performance Monitoring
5.8 Patch Management
5.9 Incident Management
5.10 Hardware Component Types
5.11 Network Component Types
Lesson 6
6.1 I S Auditor Technical Overview
6.2 Security Design
6.3 Monitoring Systems
6.4 Types Of Attacks
6.5 Cryptography
6.6 Encryption
6.7 Asymmetric Encryption
6.8 Digital Certificate
6.9 Different Kinds Of Attacks
6.10 Access Controls
6.11 Identification And Authentication
6.12 Physical Access Exposure
6.13 Environmental Security
6.14 Network Security Devices And Network Components
6.15 Network Address Translation
6.16 Virtual Private Networks
6.17 Voice System Risks
6.18 Intrusion Detection
6.19 Firewalls
6.20 Firewall Implementation
6.21 Network Access Protection
6.22 Honey Pot
6.23 Risks To Portable And Wireless Devices
6.24 Bluetooth
6.25 OSI Networking
6.26 Managing Data
Lesson 7
7.1 Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery
7.2 Fault Tolerance
7.3 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Regulations


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