Trainee Software Developer Programme (Code Institute)

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Trainee Software Developer Programme (Code Institute)

Learn the most in-demand digital skill in the world today with Nuyew Tech Academy and the Code Institute

Demand for software developers is at an all-time high worldwide. Digital transformation affects every industry and developers are required to support the change. Global shortages of coders mean that those skilled in this area command excellent salaries and have limitless opportunities around the world.

No previous experience is required to complete the programme. Determination and a love of problem solving are the key ingredients for success

The Diploma is credit-rated by Edinburgh Napier University. This is a self-paced online course where you are fully supported by tutors, fellow students, our student care team, as well as a dedicated mentor who will help with more difficult concepts and prepare you for your future career.

Why coding?

  • Average salary £43,645
  • Freedom: Travel anywhere with these skills
  • Flexibility: Work remote
  • Global demand: Jobs everywhere

Why this course?

  1. World class support
  2. Industry aligned content
  3. Recognised qualification
  4. Project led curriculum

Where our graduates work

At the Nuyew Tech Academy we are 100% focused on ensuring your success whether you want to build your own start-up, become a freelancer or find the job of your dreams. To assist you with finding contract and permanent positions during and following training, we are pleased to be exclusively partnered with Hays Recruitment, the UKs leading recruitment agency.

As part of our unique partnership, Hays will assist all our students with the following:

  • CV writing
  • Expert Careers advice
  • Interview preparation
  • Arranging of Interviews with leading employers

We also have access to exclusive partnerships with Capgemini, Accenture,, Apple, Intercom and Twitch.

What you will learn:

Coding Fundamentals: Introduction to Software Development. The course has been designed to bring you from zero knowledge to working knowledge and begins with a series of fundamental modules that take you through the core principles of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python. These languages underpin the key learning module in which you will create your milestone projects.

User Centric Frontend Development: Create visually-appealing, responsive web applications that elicit positive user experiences.

Interactive Frontend Development: Build interactive and intuitive  web applications. Leverage APIs and data visualisations to power-up your apps!

Practical Python: Introduce logic to your applications with python. Use algorithms to build web-based games and applications.

Data Centric Development: Develop data-driven applications that can read from and update structured or unstructured data in your database.

Full Stack Frameworks: Implement powerful and scalable web apps at speed! Learn how to authenticate users and process payments.

Your 5 Star Support Team – Photos of Student Care/Mentors/Tutors

You’ll have all the support you need

  • Tutors: If you need advice or clarification on any specific part of your course, your Tutor will be available to help. They will also be on hand to give advice regarding your learning material, quiz content or to answer any general queries that you may have while you are studying.
  • Mentors: You will receive guidance throughout your study journey from a dedicated Student Mentor who will be there to help you with the courseware in general. Upon completion of your course, they will be available to review and update your CV and will supply you with interview guidance and advice on professional conduct.
  • Fellow students: You can talk with other students and alumni on a communication platform designed for the course. Day or night you can discuss the programme and get answers to questions you have.
  • Student care: The student care team are there to support you through the programme and to help you hit your study goals. Study schedules, additional supports and more can can be arranged through our care team

What’s included in this package?

  • Course material created by industry experts and credit-rated by Edinburgh Napier University.
  • World-class support from our learning success team
  • Get dedicated student support and guidance from a professional tutor
  • Take quizzes and do exercises to test your knowledge of the skills you are learning
  • Get career guidance and a professional portfolio upon completion of your course
  • 14 months’ access will ensure you have more than enough time to complete your studies

Business Training

  • Virgin Start-up Boot Camp Course
  • Barclays Eagle Lab Start-up Workshops and Support


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