GCHQ-certified Cyber Awareness Training

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GCHQ-certified Cyber Awareness Training
Take responsibility for your own cyber defence
Now available for individuals
Mitigate Academy course
  • GCHQ-certified training in general cyber awareness areas of concern
  • Build your cyber resilience
  • Improve your knowledge of current threats and latest mitigation techniques
Mitigate is also available to individuals who wish to improve their awareness of cyber and information security.
Mitigate Academy features training and assessments certified by the UK Government’s Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).
Course Specification
Mitigate consists of four key areas of concern: The four Areas of Concern 
  1. Online Security
  2. Information Security
  3. Remote Security
  4. Personal Security

The skills you will develop are used daily by cyber security professionals.The course material was developed in accordance with the International Information Security Professionals Skills Framework, and presented in bitesize chunks so no technical knowledge or qualifications are required to begin learning.

Learning Objectives
  • To develop a foundational knowledge of security concepts pertaining to Information Security
  • Increase awareness of Cyber Security threats
  • Provide latest examples of best practice to mitigate Cyber Security threats
  • Develop an understanding of acceptable and secure internet, password and email use
  • Assess the various physical risks to data, and the need for clean desk, secure networks, data destruction
  • Understand how to and the importance of creating backups, encryption and classifying data
Total Course Duration:
3 hours Each Module: 15 mins Each Assessment: Max. 20 mins duration
Course Study Format
This course is delivered through online method. The courses are available for you to complete at your convenience over a 12 month period. Each e-learning module is scenario based, and l earners are asked to follow a storyline, attempt tasks and gather skills and knowledge that they will recall for future use.
Technical Requirements
Windows: All versions or Macintosh All version; An up to date internet browser such as Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari; an Internet Connection
Examination Process
There are four assessments, one at the end of each of the four areas of concern. Each assessment uses random scenarios and asks various questions that encompass various aspects of the modules within that bundle. The pass rate for these assessments are 80%.
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