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Our introductory course for those starting the journey into penetration testing or those working in environments where understanding how hackers think and the tools, tactics and techniques they use. The course presents the background information, technical skills and basic concepts required to those desiring a foundation in the world of information security.

Course outline
Introduction to Network and Application Vulnerabilities
Lifestyle today is based around the Internet. From banking, to shopping and leisure, everything has an Internet layer. Numerous media reports have stated the obvious that there is a chronic skills shortage with regards to defensive and offensive security. This course sets you on course to beginning a career, or understanding more, about information security. We start off explaining why vulnerabilities exist, how one would discover them and also what the next step is. This gets you into the mindset of a hacker and by exploiting real-world vulnerabilities yourselves, you start to see how attackers operate.

Command Line Interfaces
Understanding how to use the Linux command line and indeed Windows is a key skill required when performing vulnerability assessments. This module teaches you how not to be afraid of the terminal window and how you can become a power user in a few hours.

Kali Linux
Kali Linux is the penetration testing distribution available out there. It includes nearly every tool you'd require to discover vulnerabilities, exploit them and gain control of targets. Whilst daunting at first, we show you how to get the best out of this world-class operating system.

Networking and Application Fundamentals
Understanding how the Internet is built from a networking and application perspective is key. This module explains it in an easy to understand language so you can better test for vulnerabilities. It looks at common network architectures and web applications and teaches you how they are deployed and developed and how vulnerabilities are introduced.

Mobile and Wireless Fundamentals
As bring your own device continues to grow in the workplace, this module looks at common vulnerabilities found within mobile applications and the wireless networks they use. Learn how to start assessing both.

SensePost Training Portal
We've developed a training portal for students to interact with the trainers, keep updated on content and also download all files, slides and tools delivered during the course. This portal is made available to all students, even when the course has finished. In addition, we've moved our training infrastructure into our own cloud, which means students get their own individual environments to test against, making use of VPN's and numerous targets. This gives a fully immersive experience of attacking real-world architecture and networks.

Who should take this course?
This course is ideal for anyone just starting out in their journey into the exciting world of penetration testing and hacking or for those who work in an environment where they need to understand what attackers are doing and how attacks work.

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Start date Location / delivery
04 Nov 2019 London

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