Erasure the Right to be Forgotten – (Microlearning)

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Erasure: the Right to be Forgotten

Right to be forgotten eLearning - what you need to know
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Course Overview
Our Erasure course explains what an organisation must do if it receives a request to erase personal data, or to stop processing the data.

Course Duration: 5 minutes 
Available in: 1 Language

 Tagged in: Data Protection, GDPR  Technical Requirements
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What to Expect
Suitable for all employees, the main learning outcomes of our Right to be Forgotten Training Course are:


  • Knowledge of your organisation's legal obligations of the Erasure process
  • How to respond to a Right to be Forgotten customer request
  • How to request data removal from third-parties
  • Additional measures necessary when handling children's data
  • How the Right to be Forgotten forms an integral part of the GDPR

It outlines an organisation's legal obligation to take all reasonable steps to have the data erased including by any 
and all third-parties with whom the data may have been shared and explains the additional measures necessary when handling children's data.

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