Using Email and the Internet Securely ( Microlearning)

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Using Email and the Internet Securely

Email and Internet Security Training to protect your organisation online
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Course Overview
This microlearning email and internet security training course demonstrates the risks to organisations of using email and the internet for the communications and delivery of their products and services.

Course Duration: 5 minutes 
Available in: 1 Language

Tagged in: Cyber Security, Information Security 

Technical Requirements
CPD: This course is eligible for CPD points.

Tailoring: You can tailor this course using the free Adapt Authoring Tool.

What to Expect
Suitable for all levels of employees, upon completion you will be able to:


  • Learn how to detect spam and other fraudulent emails and activity
  • Understand how technology is changing and its effects on the digital world
  • Understand the various risks associated with online activity
  • Protect yourself from cyber attacks
  • Understand how to use the internet safely


With over 3 billion people online in 2017, individual and organisational security on the internet is a growing concern.

It is a known fact that information sent over the internet or by email is not necessarily secure. The internet contains billions of websites with more being created every day, and there are even more emails daily.

Recently, 'HTTP' protocols aren't even considered safe and secure anyway, as they have become more increasingly at risk of being intercepted by hackers. Even information and passwords sent via standard, unencrypted wireless are especially easy for hackers to intercept nowadays.

It is important for your employees to understand the risks to help maintain the cyber security and information security of your organisation.

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